H96 factory direct sales android hd projector

Red H96 max mini projector for amlogic s912 android OS

3~7 days

Whether it's for a business trip or a family vacation, a light, compact, and capable portable projector makes a good travel companion.

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Android 9 H96 MAX RK3318 4GB TV BOX

Best H96 MAX plus RK3328 wifi TV BOX

Hot sell H96 Max S905X2 Internet tv box

Best DLP projector H96 P S905X android smart Projector

android projector,
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Data sheet

Android OS
Android 6.0
Amlogic S912 Octa core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU up to 2GHz (DVFS)
ARM Mali-T820MP3 GPU up to 750MHz (DVFS)
BT 4.1
2.4G/5G Wifi
Place of Origin
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Paypal, Western Union, Bank transfer, T/T, L/C
USB interface
2*USB 2.0
Card reader
TF cards
Product Dimensions


| 01/30/2021


Good value but easy to get hot

| 01/29/2021

Good value but easy to get hot

happy new year

| 01/05/2021

Thank you for your greetings and gifts, happy new year

Small size and powerful

| 12/21/2020

Small size and powerful

Works great

| 12/16/2020

Works great

work great

| 12/07/2020

thanks there awesome and all of them work great

packaged good

| 10/21/2020

Delivery time could be faster, much faster.

Love this

| 10/15/2020

portable and won’t break the bank

This is a good smart projector

| 09/29/2020

This is a good smart projector

It's big, but it's beautiful

| 09/23/2020

It's big, but it's beautiful

i recommend it

| 08/25/2020

Very good quality product. i recommend it

Cool H96 max Projector

| 08/20/2020

Cool H96 max Projector

Amazing projector.

| 08/17/2020

Amazing projector.

Se ve muy bueno lo probe funciono ok

| 08/13/2020

Se ve muy bueno lo probe funciono ok

very pleased

| 08/12/2020

very pleased

è buono

| 08/10/2020

è buono


| 08/07/2020


Pequeño proyector

| 08/03/2020

Muy pequeño habrá que ver cómo funciona

Great product

| 07/31/2020

Great product

OK for price

| 07/27/2020

OK for price

Excellent product

| 07/24/2020

Excellent product

good product

| 07/21/2020

I help my client purchase this product, the client is very satisfied, I will continue to cooperate with this company

Easy to install and play.

| 07/20/2020

Easy to install and play.

An excellent projector for home use

| 07/17/2020

An excellent projector for home use

very good products

| 07/06/2020

very good products

Recommendations from a friend

| 07/02/2020

Recommendations from a friend, it’s convenient to watch a movie when you are bored at home

Buy again, buy one for my friends, high quality products

| 06/29/2020

Buy again, buy one for my friends, high quality products

I like

| 06/24/2020

Works good

I love this little guy

| 06/19/2020

I love this little guy

highly recommend

| 06/05/2020

Super glad I ordered definitely got lots of compliments shows very well . The pole of my bed is in the way however the picture shows great, overall highly recommend

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


| 05/12/2020



| 05/09/2020

I love it but can't get Netflix to work on it. Everything else is pretty good.

Small size, big quality

| 05/08/2020

I use for my cookie buisness. And this works great. It was cheaper than the kopycake and way better. It’s light weight, small, easy to set up right through my phone , tablet or computer. Super easy to use and store.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

lower cost

| 04/29/2020

Far superior to the easy-bake oven toy projectors

Love it works and the right size

| 04/27/2020

Love it works and the right size

Cool, looks great

| 04/26/2020

Cool, looks great

I love the concept but dislike its execution

| 04/18/2020

I love the concept but dislike its execution


| 03/23/2020

Placed my 3rd order in a week , very pleasant supplier to work with and I will definitely buy more

Small in size but very capable!

| 03/17/2020

I bought this because my husband and I, and often our three kids, like watching movies or shows on Amazon Prime, which we do not have connected in our TV on any way. This used to mean that we'd gather around my smartphone, which made things a bit crowded. My sister shared with me that these existed, and it sure sounded like an an answer to watching the stuff that we wanted to view together as a family in a means easy for everyone to see, and certianly with some more flexibly than on a TV.


| 03/09/2020

Thank for the great service....you the best and keep up with the good work.i received my parcel on time

Please note

| 03/02/2020

Product quality is good but delivery was bad. I bought it on January 20th, Their explanation is vacation and NCP

Beautiful colors and crisp images

| 02/27/2020

This device has beautiful colors and the picture is very crisp and sharp. Upon unboxing: Projector, remote control (batteries not included), power cord, video/audio cable, small manual.

Quality projector for the price

| 01/03/2020

I like Made in China, I've been to Shenzhen, it's a great city

Great projector

| 12/20/2019

Great item, worth every penny. very like

Easy SetUp, Portability

| 12/17/2019

I really liked this product, I used for the Summer Camp program at my work so my students could play on my Nintendo Switch. It was very easy to set up and to pack up. It is very compact and came with all the wires (HDMI, AV, VGA and Power), and the remote works great. Picture quality is good (not the 100% Best but on par with my 1080p 60" TV that's 4 years old), best in low light setting but does not have to be pitch black I've had no problems so far so very worth the purchase, especially for the price.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

5.0 out of 5 starsThe picture is really clear and the lamp is ve

| 11/27/2019

I love the picture quality of this projector. I can watch the videos I want to watch without having to worry about the exterior lights getting in the way of the projection appearing dim. I still can't believe they were able to fit all of these features into such a tiny profile. I've been taking it with me to work for presentation and the bosses are really impressed with the forethought and preparation that went into bringing your own projector to the meeting.

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Love the projector, so I bought the case.

| 11/26/2019

Product works as expected very pleased with items

Excellent Picture Quality

| 11/19/2019

Use it for a while before evaluating

Thank You! Fast shipment

| 11/18/2019

Very beautiful and good

Was schnel hier. In een week bedankt

| 11/12/2019

Was schnel hier. In een week bedankt

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It will be hot after 2 hours of use

| 11/11/2019

If you use it in the winter, you will feel warm. Because it is hot

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

Love it, it works great

| 11/07/2019

So far so good. Have not used as much as I would have liked so far, used only once so far and my screen was an issue.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

This price is worth buying

| 11/06/2019

The projector itself is pretty amazing the picture quality is very good the sound is good and the O.S is pretty easy to use as well on both the Verizon and WiFi versions the projector does have some cons though like if you use the HDMI port Bluetooth does not work the sound only comes from the projector or headphone jack on the projector. Some apps like vudu the Bluetooth lags and is hard to watch when the voices don't matchup. It also seems if you watch movies from some apps on the projector it only shows them in SD but if you use a Roku player through the HDMI port it shows them in HD. Hopefully this helps someone. THANKS JASON.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

good projector

| 11/04/2019

Awesome little projector with great features!!

Incredibly nice projector

| 10/23/2019

We bought this for our home theater. It's a powerful little gadget.

Great product with great value!

| 10/16/2019

My neighbor got one from aliexpress. Last month I was invited to his wine reception and enjoyed an unforgettable movie night with this projector. Now I have one myself.

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| 10/12/2019

I am a Chinese, living in Canada, I like Chinese red.

good products

| 10/08/2019

It took 35 days to arrive, so only 4 stars

perfect Android smart projector

| 09/24/2019

So far, I have used HDMI, USB and airplay to watch videos, project paintings onto the screen for me to draw from. The picture quality is very good. I even took it to a meeting where I presented a PPT to my client. This comes very handy. I am exploring more with this new toy and hope to get more interesting functions. I have not downloaded the app yet. But will try soon.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

This projector is amazing

| 09/23/2019

This projector has an excellent picture quality. I bought it for backyard movie nights and it is an excellent even against a flat wall with some lights on. I was having an issue with the sound as I was trying to connect a Bose sounlink to it.

Clear picture

| 09/15/2019

Recommended to buy black

| 09/12/2019

My girlfriend likes red, but the size is a little bigger than I expected, and it is not convenient for girls to hold it. The function is very powerful, no regrets to buy.

Very good product

| 09/09/2019

The projector is good

| 09/05/2019

The projector is good for the price and is completely worth the money.

it looks good

| 09/03/2019

Send fast now I have to try it


| 09/01/2019

It can be used during the day, but the effect is not good at night.


| 08/30/2019

It’s really really great because it’s working very perfectly~!!! I really satisfied your product quality~!!!

good products

| 08/30/2019

fast fluid good speaker Bluetooth ... good colors


| 08/29/2019

Item received in good condition, item tested and configured with excellent results, better than expected. Excellent article. Good seller recommended, i'm on time

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Excellent product

| 08/28/2019


| 08/26/2019

MUCH better than I'd expected! Bought it on the website, because the price was to good to resist. Finally opened it to see if it worked... Showed my parents, they were both amazed.I love the sleek and stylish design! The size of the projector makes it very easy to carry around and I can have it setup anywhere that I like whether it’s at work, a family gathering or a friends place the portability is just so convenient! Definitely worth ordering I feel that a I got an extremely good deal. Very happy!

I like

| 08/23/2019

The picture is clear, much clearer than the H96-P

| 08/19/2019

A lot clearer than H96-p

Used for a month without any problems

| 08/16/2019

This mini projector is small, but produces a quality picture and sound. I also like the built in speaker as it offers a clear sound. The tripod that came with the projector is quite small and light, easy to carry, and supports the projector with the ability to easily adjust its angles. Recommend to get the bigger tripod if you plan to leave the projector standing in a room. All over, this mini projector is a well made product, in a reasonable price range and it is a suitable device to bring on a road trip or camping.

very nice

| 08/16/2019

I’ve gotten so much compliments from friends and family, they could not believe how projectors have changed from such a robust shape to this elegant design. I did fear that I would be trading in convenience for quality, however the picture quality is excellent! This projector has made my experience with gaming, movie nights, and even just browsing the web even better! Exceeding the expected product, the quality is very good, the design is also very good, and it is very convenient to carry. I would definitely recommend a household have at least one these, I absolutely love it!

I Like The Red One

| 06/27/2019

Finally made up my choice now :)

Just got the projector, easy to set up.

| 06/13/2019

For the price this is a great projector (at the time). Highest resolution at the price point and quite bright.

I only need one

| 04/24/2019

This mini smart projector comes with a touch button, Android6.0 system, accessories are H96 maxBluetooth Speaker, comprehensive evaluation is worth buying,The seller commissioned me praise,And I am only willing to give 4 stars

Le projecteur DLP est très pratique

| 04/07/2019

Le soir, regarder des films en plein air est génial.

Wow, das Produkt ist großartig.

| 03/15/2019

Sehr gut

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