H96-P 4K 1080P Mini DLP Projector Wifi Bluetooth Home Theater

H96-P Android 4K Mini DLP Project

3~7 days

Bundle H96-p Android Mini Project Android Smart Projector with Dual Band Wifi Amlogic S905 Bluetooth4.0 DLP Mobile Projector.

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Amlogic S905 H96-P Android Mini Project powered by Amlogic S905 4xARM Cortex A53@2.0GHz. Amlogic S905 is one of the most popular SoCs at the moment, mostly because of it's 4K @ 60Hz and H.265 capabilities.
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DDR3 2GB RAM, eMMC 16GB Flash
H96-P Android Mini Project boasts DDR3 1GB RAM, and eMMC 8GB Flash, a faster read & write speed is therefore guaranteed.Ultimately delivering a secure and stable end-user experience ascribing to the eMMC memory.

The newest generation of Wi-Fi signaling in popular use, 802.11ac utilizes dual-band wireless technology, supporting simultaneous connections on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands. 802.11ac offers backward compatibility to 802.11b/g/n and bandwidth rated up to 1300 Mbps on the 5 GHz band plus up to 450 Mbps on 2.4 GHz.

H96-P Android Mini Project DLP Technology
It adopts DLP Technology with 100 ANSI lumen brightness, native resolution 854X480 and supports 1920*1080 , 20,000 hour LED Life, and a projection display size of up to about 200 Inches.

It comes with HDMI port for connecting smart phone and built-in wireless display capability support Airplay or Miracast.Supports USB and TF card.
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H96-P Android Mini Project - OEM/ODM service :

1. Logo printing on housing(silk screening,gold blocking or laser carving)

2. Customized package box

3. Android Project Software Customization: Boot image, Boot animation,Launcher,UI, APP, Function… and so on

Android Mini Project ODM:

1. PCBA desgin ( WiFi Mini projector)

2. Housing desgin:ID(Industrial Design),MD(Mechanic Design),Produce molding 

3. Software Customization

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Best DLP projector H96 P S905X android smart Projector

Mini Project,Android Project,
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Data sheet

Brand Name
Amlogic S905X
2.4G/5G(ac) Wifi ( 8.2.11a/b/g/n/ac )
Light engine
DLP 0.3 inch DMD + RGB LED
Size of the projection
30-200 inches
854x480 (WVGA)
Light life time
20000 hours
Keystone Correction

good mimi projector

| 01/19/2020

It travels with me

good product

| 01/15/2020

Love this mini projector

Fast and good product.

| 01/15/2020

I would not recommend as your everyday display in a well-lit environment

Good products

| 01/09/2020

A+++ Seller..... Great Communication. Fast Shipping. Item as Described.


| 01/09/2020

very good quality product and excellent support !!!! very fast delivery to recommended !!!!

Muy útil , rápida instalación

| 01/07/2020

Muy útil , rápida instalación

5.0 out of 5 stars Great size, light, clear image and connect to

| 01/06/2020

At first I was doubting on getting this projector, so I read a lot of reviews and gather more info so I ended up buying it. I'm so damn glad I did. One of the best projectors. Great quality, clear image, big screen, small and light to be carried around with you. Able to connect my phone to it and also project the projector to my phone, crazy right? Able to connect the switch, xbox, and whatever you feel like. Amazing product and thumbs up. I recomend it without any hesitation.

Money Well Spent

| 01/06/2020

Excellent projector!!! Best buy for your money I have done extensive research

I love it - except for the hidden cost

| 01/03/2020

good Smart Mini Projector

Great smart projector

| 01/02/2020

Satisfactory service

So nice!

| 12/27/2019

This is the perfect projector for a budget shopper who has a dark room in which you can view movies, or those who like to watch it at night. For the price this little projector is a great

  • 5 out of 5 people found this review useful.

Rápida entrega, muy bueno.

| 12/27/2019

muy bueno.

good seller

| 12/23/2019

Bright pocket sized projector slighty larger than the size of an iPhone 7p! Has HDMI input aux output


| 12/21/2019

I've always wanted to buy a small projector, this is a Christmas gift for myself, very satisfied


| 12/21/2019

I have used this Kodak H96-P Mini Portable Projector for projecting photos on to my table so I can trace and see each and every color. I do this with the help of a tripod (make sure tripod has right size mounting screw) which has two screw sizes. I don't need a very dark room, but the darker the better to see the picture. The main reason I purchased this mini projector is because it projects a very small picture which I can trace onto watercolor paper, most of the other mini projectors can't go down that small. Happy with this purchase and I recommend.

  • 4 out of 4 people found this review useful.

Cheap price, powerful and easy to use

| 12/20/2019

can sit nicely on most surfaces and also comes with a standard ...

Impressive projector except the android software it comes with!

| 12/19/2019

Really great mini android Projector

| 12/19/2019

Great product. Yes it is Chinese made....read specs. The price reflects that it is not a big name. This projector comes with android and you can put any program on it.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Money Well Spent

| 12/18/2019

Very happy that I chose the H96-p smart projector. It took me awhile to decide because there are so many choices in a variety of price ranges.

Just buy it. Do it.

| 12/17/2019

My son wanted to have an outdoor movie screening for his 11th birthday party, and this projector performed PERFECTLY! I can't believe how great it really is for being so affordable. We didn't even need to hook up speakers for it, the ones that are integrated were loud and clear. It is very adjustable, so we could easily achieve a perfectly angled, clear and focused picture. This may seem silly, but one of the best features of this particular projector in comparison to others in its class is that it comes with a case. I wasn't expecting much from it, but it's actually really awesome quality. Plus, it's perfect for storing it, and has compartments for all the cables and whatnot. I really don't see how you can go wrong with this projector!

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Just great all the way around

| 12/17/2019

I bought this projector on Monday, Getting this for kids --- great buy. Getting this to watch sports in light or a movie with a good soundtrack, or to use the USB drive to play anything, value for money

Eu adorei!

| 12/16/2019

Eu adorei!E chegou antes do prazo!Muito obrigado que Deus abençoe todos vcs

Better than I thought

| 12/12/2019

I compared a lot of mini projectors, I chose H96-P in the end, I recommend it


| 12/11/2019

super bon produit

very nice product

| 12/06/2019

happy with the product very nice product still working with the features.

A good projector

| 12/06/2019

A good projector, convenient to carry, high quality, autonomy is not big, but it is) the sound is so, if you connect an external Bluetooth column class, the regular remote is terrible, I use only an Airmouse

Value for money

| 11/28/2019

I give it to my friends, great product

Good for night time movies on the wall with your kids otherwise

| 11/26/2019

This is definitely not good for a bright room where people need to clearly see details. The picture is blurry if the screen is any larger than 5 feet

very satisfied

| 11/26/2019

The product is qualified, but the operating instructions and instructions are poor

Increible equipo portatil

| 11/22/2019

Muy buen proyector, me costo un poco para poder ver Netflix, pero ya lo resolvi, recomiendo este producto, estoy muy conforme

Amazing Projector

| 11/18/2019

Works very well i was really impressed!

Works great

| 11/17/2019

Works great


| 11/15/2019

as described on the web page.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


| 11/14/2019

Great size, good quality, and nice materials!!

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


| 11/12/2019

Negozio veloce e professionale

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

Pleasant mood

| 11/11/2019

I wanted to buy it long ago, I finally got it, very happy.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Wish to own one

| 11/09/2019

I visit my friend somewhere in my country and found that he own one...it was so nice watching a movie in it...we just lack popcorn that day...I real wish to have one but I can't afford it.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Love it!

| 11/08/2019

This is the second one I bought, it is easy to use and has many functions.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Great projector, it is what I had hoped for

| 11/06/2019

portable with a great 720p display dont think i could ask for more. Little tricky with connecting bluetooth mice and keyboards constantly drops but it will work with a bluetooth dongle mouse so that solved that. you can install software navigation keys. But if we could add a power button or use micro usb or usb c that would have made it perfect for powerbanking.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Awesome product for traveling on business

| 11/05/2019

Awesome product for traveling on business. I love the flexibility on the angles & distances I can display my presentations. Pretty solid speakers & brightness for such small projector.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Money Well Spent

| 11/04/2019

I often show this model when searching for the mini projector. I don't regret buying it, it is worth the money.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Portability and clarity from a tiny projector

| 11/01/2019

Used this last night outdoors and I am amazed at the portability and clarity of this tiny projector. I am extremely happy with this purchase and think that it’s a must have for those who love to do movie night indoors or out. Great for city living for those with limited space. One note is that the internal speaker is not super loud, but like a lot of other items now a days like lcd TVs, it’s an easy fix as I just connect it with a portable speaker and just like that it makes a good to a great experience!

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Very well made and easy to use set-up

| 11/01/2019

Lightweight and small for packing around. Picture quality was very good, I have it set up in my living room and sit about 15 feet away; seems like I'm watching on a flat screen TV. Would definitely buy again and reccomend to anyone.

Get one

| 10/30/2019

It's really low light and not clear. I couldn't even use this with turning off all the lights and ended up using printouts for my presentations instead.


| 10/28/2019

a good deals of android smart projector

I love it!

| 10/25/2019

I would definitely recommend a household have at least one these, I absolutely love it!

So powerful with such a small size

| 10/25/2019

it has excellent resolutions for the size and quality is good. Can take USB, HDMI, or micro-sd for signal input. I love watching movies on it. All you need is a speaker. Moreover, built-in battery can run it for more than one hr. Because of its size, it would be the best item to take while traveling as well.

good DLP projector

| 10/23/2019

I bought 2, high quality, my friend took one from me, I will consider buying again.

Awesome little projector --- very pleased

| 10/17/2019

I bought this projector to use for cookie decorating and it has worked wonderfully! It's taken me a while to catch onto the knack of connecting this little guy to my phone (I had a much easier time connecting it to my iphone than my android, but both will connect) although using an ipad is muuuucchhhh easier! With both phones you have to go through either connecting it to your hotspot or USB tether in just the right way in order for it to connect (still getting the hang of it haha) but once its connected I don't have any problems!!

good home Theater Projector

| 10/16/2019

We've had multiple movie nights since and our kids and neighbors love it!


| 10/15/2019


good product

| 10/12/2019

Did not let me down, satisfied purchase


| 10/11/2019

Smooth, the image at night is clearer, but it will be very hot

Good product

| 10/11/2019

as in the description everything is beautiful satisfied with the product but took a long time more than

There is a very good projector

| 10/10/2019

Eighty inches, the picture quality is good, the voice is a little less the shopkeeper is a good man, the projector came very soon, had ordered sixteen and twenty-eight stars came to me and I did not have to pay a custom Fee

very good

| 10/09/2019

A good proposal: it is best to contact the seller before you buy, you can get a discount

I like to use it

| 10/08/2019

Smooth, clear picture


| 09/27/2019

Excellent Mini Projector.

too good to be true!

| 09/27/2019

I was just looking for a small projector however this thing has a built in smart system as well. Easy to download apps or surf the web. I use it for training courses and work related items however will be buying one for my personally use as well. Great image.

picture perfect projector

| 09/24/2019

We travel a lot and wanted to have something portable and with good picture quality and sound effect and cost effective. I know that is a lot to ask for. I did a lot of research and came upon this projector based on an online review site. I also compared within Amazon on comparable projectors with similar price range, lumens, resolutions etc. This one seems to be very good. The projector arrived very fast right after I ordered it. The machine itself is small and portable. It is very easy to set up.

Best mini projector

| 09/24/2019

Very easy to set up and get going right out of the box!!!! This projector is by far the best projector I have purchased! I have bought many $100 projectors and they are ok but this one I highly recommend. Same price as a cheap tv but much better quality. I will be getting more for each of my rooms and for gifts! I also can’t wait to have friends over to watch the super bowl and fighting events! I’ll include a few pictures that show lights on, Dim lights And dark. Hope this convinces You enough to get one!

Worth it

| 09/23/2019

I have had my projector for 2 years now I intentionall ywaited a long time to do this review because I bought a refurbished one and I wanted to make sure that it worked before I did the review. I ended up forgetting to do the review but I am please with my projector it still works very good. I havent had any issues at all with it. It is clear I am a teacher and other teachers are always asking me about my projector. I would buy it again


| 09/21/2019

There are too many models on the Internet, try to buy one, it is a surprise, I like it.


| 09/17/2019

Recommended, value for money


| 09/16/2019

The order came on time. Tracking all the way. The item and seller I recommend! Many thanks to the seller.


| 09/14/2019

Similar to the size of the phone, Boot response is slow

value for money

| 09/13/2019

value for money

good and like it

| 09/12/2019

Is perfect and small to carry.


| 09/11/2019

Great products nothing to say Super well packaged thank you

good price

| 09/10/2019

smart projector in my local electronics store was $280 US

small product

| 09/06/2019

very small, I thought it big but really small. it's great.

| 09/05/2019

Loved my projector, bought that longtime ago, highly recommended

Very fast shipped

| 09/03/2019

Very fast shipped to Germany, from Shenzhen. Thank You all good

That's what I expected!

| 09/03/2019

I bought it before, I found the factory this time. good...

One less bracket

| 09/01/2019

One of the 5 has one less bracket, Please send it to me as soon as possible, thank you

Qualidade é igual ao preço.

| 08/31/2019

É boa e barata.

Great product.

| 08/30/2019

Easy to operate and the picture quality is awesome. My kids love to watch their favorite movies with it.

price quality is really OK

| 08/30/2019

Super convenient due to the small size, make little noise and even in daylight a good and clear picture, battery will definitely 3 you note

| 08/29/2019

Quality is extremely good. Very good product recommended

Value for money

| 08/28/2019

Good Product

good quality

| 08/27/2019

I'm surprised how bright light this small thing is giving. It is very affordable, good quality and has lots of features. The customer service (e-mail) is great, very nice people. The package came quite fast from China to California (it took few days of processing the payment via PayPal and very quick DHL shipping) - 8 days to be precise. Im very happy for this purchase. I reccomend h96-p honestly. Kamila

good projector

| 08/26/2019

This mini projector is small, but produces a quality picture and sound. I also like the built in speaker as it offers a clear sound. The tripod that came with the projector is quite small and light, easy to carry, and supports the projector with the ability to easily adjust its angles. Recommend to get the bigger tripod if you plan to leave the projector standing in a room. All over, this mini projector is a well made product, in a reasonable price range and it is a suitable device to bring on a road trip or camping.

Outstanding picture

| 08/26/2019

I’ve gotten so much compliments from friends and family, they could not believe how projectors have changed from such a robust shape to this elegant design. I did fear that I would be trading in convenience for quality, however the picture quality is excellent! This projector has made my experience with gaming, movie nights, and even just browsing the web even better! Exceeding the expected product, the quality is very good, the design is also very good, and it is very convenient to carry. I would definitely recommend a household have at least one these, I absolutely love it!


| 08/21/2019

Excellent product a value for money

Very nice dlp projector

| 08/15/2019

very nice android dlp projector

good H96 projector

| 08/15/2019

Very Good product... Quick boot. Wifi strength is good. Thank you...


| 08/14/2019

The movie is smooth and the size is only the size of the palm, bigger than your phone.

Value for money

| 08/14/2019

The touch screen is sensitive and easy to operate, and it is similar to the operation of the mobile phone. It is an Android system. It is very convenient to download movies.

mini projector

| 08/14/2019

In the evening, it is very clear

I like

| 08/13/2019

It takes a month to run very well. But I was broken, I want to buy another one.

Molto facile da usare

| 08/13/2019

Durata batteria proiettore buona


| 07/01/2019

IL prodotto soddisfa il tutto presentato funzioni in modo rapido e intuitivo. LE prestazioni in burbero luminosità è limitato, ma di quanto MI aspettassi. La connettività abbondanti TB è una caratteristica del prodotto. Consiglia


| 06/27/2019

Could you confirm it is à 4mm DC connector ? Thanks

The mini projector of surprise

| 06/20/2019

I am so glad I did a very thorough review of what type of equipment is best suited for an outdoor movie theatre, the reviews here at Amazon for this Viewsonic projector were what convinced me this was the right purchase, amazing picture quality

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Solid mini projector

| 06/20/2019

We have several friends with large projector displays ... huge boxes with lots of wires, a giant screen, the battery life is great and the picture quality is awesome for such a small device, man this picture quality is bad, the size is just amazing for what it can do

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

it works well

| 06/20/2019

nice product i am using it with my projector

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
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