Smart project in conference room

Smart project in conference room

How does a wireless connection save a meeting room? I tried the H96 intelligent projection H96max projector to understand

In an efficient office environment, many office workers often face the situation of “one day a meeting, one month one summary”, facing fast-paced work, as a core instrument often appearing at the meeting, a good projection The instrument can often do more with less.
H96 brand 200 lumens android hd projector

When the traditional projector often has problems such as unsuitable connecting lines, short wires, and obstructed projection screens, the H96 new intelligent H96 max wireless projector can solve the problem well. Various problems encountered.
H96 brand meeting room 200 lumens android projector

Get all the projection needs with one power cord
When you are in a meeting, the equipment that you need to project on your hands is usually varied. One line can't fit all the machines at all. When different machines need to be projected, the connecting lines, patch cords, and power cables on the desk are full. At the table, everyone's attention can no longer be concentrated in the meeting itself, and the length and entanglement of the wire will bring a lot of trouble, greatly reducing the efficiency of the meeting.

The H96 smart H96 max, as a wireless projector, solves the problems caused by the wire, and it is no longer necessary to entangle with the wires with complicated specifications. Only one power cord is needed to supply power to the projector. Use your laptop to access the WiFi that comes with the E580, and you can project it instantly. In the meeting, if you encounter some problems and need to search on site, you can also connect the H96 max and the device to the same LAN, so that the projection process will not be interrupted, and the search results can be displayed in real time.

In addition to macOS and Windows system notebooks, Android and iOS mobile devices can also be projected in this way, avoiding the impact of duplicate copies of documents on mobile phones and tablets.

Of course, as a smart projection device with built-in Android operating system, H96max projector can also download the application directly in the application mall, and make the whole meeting process more vivid, no longer need to worry that everyone is getting into the same situation. .

 meeting room H96 brand 200 lumens android pico projector

One-click switching does not have to wait
It is clear that the small partners who often come to the meeting should know that in most meetings, there are often many devices that have the demand for projection. According to the previous meeting method, when replacing the projection device, it is often necessary to find the corresponding wire in a hurry. Plugging and unplugging the data cable, and adjusting the position of the equipment and personnel due to the length of the wire, greatly reducing the efficiency of the meeting.

However, the H96max projected by wireless connection does not have such a problem. Only one disconnection is needed, and the other device is connected to the WiFi, so that the switching operation can be completed in an instant, and the entire conference process becomes smooth and no longer needed. Excessive energy has gone to those troublesome wire problems.

 meeting room  H96 brand 200 lumens android smart projector

More than wireless projection
In addition to allowing us to enjoy the convenience of wireless projection, the intelligent h96max wireless projector also has 1080p full HD resolution. The images projected during large conferences are also clear to everyone, and it also supports U disk direct reading and its own large-capacity storage space and so on, can be said to be a good example of improving the conference experience.

H96 brand meeting room 200 lumens android wifi projector

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