Netflix in HD and 4K for Android, a small guide

Netflix in HD and 4K for Android, a small guide

In this tutorial we want to clear all the doubts about how Netflix on Android works in 1080p4K and HDR resolutions. You will also find a selection of TV-Box with support for Netflix in HD, 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision. You can also check our article about Error 0013 on Netflix and the restriction to install Netflix on root devices or chinese TV-Boxes. You have a available too a Netflix guide for PC.

  • NOTE: since version 15 Netflix can no longer be installed directly on the TV-Boxes from Google Play and it is necessary to download and install the official app on our device, you can see all the details on this topic in our Netflix Installation Guide.

Smart TV Netflix tv box for H96 Brand

From the Netflix website or its application we can contract any of the 3 types of subscriptions offered by this platform. Depending on the price we will have different streaming quality and we will be able to share our account with a larger or smaller number of users. The first month is free for each account we create with a different credit card number.

  • BASIC – SD quality (720×480 wide format), 1 screen only
  • STANDARD – HD quality (1920×1080), 2 screens at same time
  • PREMIUM – 4K quality (3840×2160), 4 screens at same time
    custom netflix android apk tv box


To see Netflix on Android we have an APP available that we can download from Google Play, this app works correctly on all Android TV Box we had tested at least to see contents in SD quality. To see contents in HD or 4K quality with the STANDARD or PREMIUM plans we need to met the points that we describe below.

1.- Netflix Permission

All Android devices capable of streaming Netflix in HD or 4K quality must be explicitly approved by Netflix, this requires a period of testing of the device by the company and reach certain agreements at the enterprise level, without this permission is impossible see content in high quality even if you have DRM Google Widevine Level 1 certificate or not.

This point restrict the use of Netflix HD or 4K to brands with a certain level of contacts. With this point it is clear that we will not see unknown TV-Box models with high quality streaming ever.

  • We can see Netflix HD on some devices that do not support this quality but we need a special device with a custom firmware.

netflix install with adroid wifi tv box
2.- DRM Certificates

To view content in HD quality apart from the required previous point we need Google Widevine Level 1 certification, this is basically an advanced DRM protection system for digital content, most low cost Android TV Boxes do not have this, if we have Google Widevine Level 2 or 3 it will be impossible to view contents in HD or 4K.

  • We can also use the DRM info app with which in many cases we can know if our team has the necessary level of this certificate.

widevine android tv box
3.- DHCP protection

To view contents on the Android app for Netflix we need a device that respect the DHCP connection certificates through the HDMI port. In general to view SD and HD content we will not have problems since they are widespread in all devices but to see 4K contents if we require a DHCP 1.x or 2.2 certificate that is limited to the best models.

  • To test our device search the title “Test Patterns” and in the upper left corner we can see the quality achieved.

fire tv 4k review h96 tv box

After knowing the technical aspects you can see the Android devices recommended by us where we can watch Netflix in HD and 4K quality. These models have the official Netflix App, if we do not have one of these models we will not find the Netflix app on Google Play, so you will need to follow our Guide to install Netflix app on non-compatible devices.


In this devices without official Netflix support we can see this service in resolution of 854×480 up to 960×540, in these models we need to install the app manually and control it with a mouse if our remote is not compatible.

  • Download the official version of Netflix for devices without certification.


    • Are there any modified Netflix App to watch Netflix HD on my TV-Box without Google Widevine Level 1 certificate?
      Answer: NO
    • Are there  modified  firmwares for Google Widevine Level 1 TV-Boxes with Netflix FullHD support?
      Answer: NO
    • The Netflix application gives me the error 0013 when playing content. What’s wrong?
      Answer: Read our guide about Error 0013 on Netflix
    • I can use Netflix on a device with root or bootloader modified?
      Answer: Sometimes, you can check our manual Netflix on root devices
      MINIX NEO H96 factory tv box review

Netflix application for unofficials devices

If we have a TV-Box, tablet or smartphone that is not in the list of devices compatible with Netflix we will not find the app in Google Play, in order to use this app we need to download the Netflix APK and install it manually.

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