User guide to watch Amazon Prime Video in HD and 4K quality

User guide to watch Amazon Prime Video in HD and 4K quality

On our website we always like to explain which devices are compatible and what streaming quality can be found in the different streaming services that we can use on Android PC and mini PC devices. In this case we will see what the Amazon Prime Video service offers us and where we can see it in HD and UHD 4K quality.


  • The Amazon Prime Video service can be used freely with our Premium account, depending on the region is included or not in this plan.
  • The system allows up to 3 users at a time for account although in the app we do not have different profiles for users.
  • The devices we use are registered in our Amazon settings and we can unsubscribe them.

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Normally the Amazon Prime Video app for Android works in SD quality in most of the TV-Box that we have tested, even with the most basic DRM permissions the system works without problems. This service is NOT compatible with the Chromecast function.

  • The best option to watch Amazon Prime Video in 4K is using a Amazon Fire device such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.
  • NVIDIA SHIELD TV with 16GB of storage is compatible with 4K UHD, can be purchased or for only $129.99
  • Xiaomi Mi Box S version is one of the devices that also works in FHD 1080p with Android TV, check our detailed review, prices is $50.
    – For this device you need to install manually  the last apk version of Amazon Prime Video for Android TV
  • Also works in HD quality in several cheap Android TV-Boxes if we use the corresponding certificates as we tested in all our reviews.

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iOS / Apple TV

We can download the Amazon Prime Video app for iOS from the App Store that is designed for both iPhone, iPad or iPod. It is also available for Apple TVs that allow us 4K quality and multi channel sound.

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PC or Mac

We can see this Amazon Prime video in HD from any browser compatible with HTML5 on Windows, Linux or OSX, this format is the system recommended by Amazon for computers. There is no native application inside the Windows store or the App Store on Mac.

  • We can see contents of this Amazon service by entering your website
  • Streaming in browsers reaches HD quality (720p) the audio track will always be in stereo.

Smart TV and other devices

The Amazon Prime Video application is very widespread and we can find it in an infinity of devices mostly in models from 2014 to the present. We can see a complete list of models from this link.

  • Smart TV or Blu ray players: Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Hisense or Vizio. In these devices we have HD quality or 4K UHD with HDR, we also have 5.1 sound depending on the device, where we have it connected and its capabilities.
  • Consoles: PS3 / PS4, Xbox 360 / One and Wii / Wii U. The maximum quality is HD and have 5.1 sound for PS and Xbox while in Wii it stays in stereo.

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In some devices we can see what quality we are seeing streaming, next to the time scale we can see different texts that indicate quality, if nothing is shown it is SD, then HD, HD 1080p and finally 4K. In the following image we can see how it indicates to what quality we are reproducing the chapter that we have on screen.

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