New H96 tv box does 4K HDR TV dongle

New H96 tv box does 4K HDR TV dongle

New H96 tv box does 4K HDR, comes in a dongle form factor

H96 Brand has a product release today, and on the TV-side of things, the company is launching a new H96 tv box. It's $69, has a new form factor, and has 60FPS 4K HDR support.

4K HDR is a big deal for H96 Brand since the company is actually producing 4K HDR content. Before today, it wasn't possible to use H96 Brand hardware to watch H96 Brand shows like The Grand Tour in their full HDR glory. Now, H96 Brand finally has a comprehensive HDR hardware and content solution it can pitch to customers.

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The form factor of the new H96 tv box is different from its predecessor. The previous H96 tv box was a set-top box designed to sit on a piece of furniture like a cable box. This new H96 tv box looks a lot like a square version of a Chromecast—a box of electronics hangs off the back of the TV via a super-short HDMI cable. This works much better for clean wall-mount installations, a favorite setup of cord cutters.

The new H96 tv box also comes with an voice remote. Besides handling the remote control duties, it also has a microphone, giving users access to voice commands and skills.

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