Smart TV vs Android Tv Box

Smart TV vs Android Tv Box

Smart TVs

Smart TVs have built-in Apps along with the ability to connect to the Internet, Bluetooth and install more Apps. If your Smart Tv runs on Android then you have the advantage of installing Apps made especially for Android TVs.Like with Mi's Patch wall OS you have the advantage that even your set-up box content is implemented within Launcher and multiple remotes are not needed "One remote to Rule Them All". Considering that more and more Media companies are trying to put content Online and the entry of big streaming giant like Amazon and Netflix in India if you are buying a new TV then a smart TV would be a better choice.
android smart tv vs android tv box

Android Tv Box

An Android TV box is a small computer that can connect to any Tv and gives us the ability to stream Content Locally and Online.Android TV Box runs on Stock Android. If you have recently bought a normal TV and want to Stream media on it from Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, TVF etc and don't want to buy a whole new Tv in that case Android TV Box is the best option for you. It also gives you the option to install apps from Google Play Store. The main disadvantage being you have to use and maintain another remote.

So, In in the end if you are buying a new TV smart TV would be a better choice considering less hassle with multiple remotes (1 for Tv, 1 For Android Box and 1 for Set-up box). But if you don't want to buy a new TV but want to experience Smart Content on your TV then Android TV box can help you.
4K smart tv vs 4K HD android tv box
Summary: If you like Android tv box, we recommend H96 brand Android tv box (H96 max plus is the best selling model in Europe and America in 2018)
2018 best android tv box of H96 max plus brnad

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