smart Android TV BOX for xbmc-Best Frontends for your HTPC

smart Android TV BOX for xbmc-Best Frontends for your HTPC

Choosing the right HTPC front-end can be the difference between a premium home theatre experience or a real nightmare. Front-ends designed for use in a home theatre environment use a “10-foot Interface” – an interface that is designed to be used from a distance, often utilising large, clear fonts and images to streamline navigation.

XBMC (Windows/Mac/Linux)

My personal favourite, XBMC started its days on the original Xbox as a custom interface for viewing media. This powerhouse has since outgrown its humble beginnings to be an all-encompassing beast covering media playback, a powerful plugin and skinning system and support for a number of PVR back ends to allow you to record live television, such as TVHeadend and Mediaportal’s PVR back end.

Setting up XBMC is painless, with all codecs handled internally – So it really is a case of just running the installer, and then launching the program to be up and running.

(It is worth noting that if you want to buy Android tv box from China, customs is not allowed. XBMC is hidden, but don't worry, let's let you know how to use XBMC.)

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