Android set-top box shopping tips

Android set-top box shopping tips

Android tv box shopping tips:

1. Source: Everyone has higher and higher requirements for the clarity of TV. Many TVs also provide HDMI high-definition interface. Many hardware products can meet the needs in this aspect, but different manufacturers and TV source cooperation institutions. Different, in HD storage and technology, there are very different, some manufacturers can provide high-definition TV viewing experience, but there are very few sources to watch, so everyone should pay attention to this point when purchasing.

2. Hardware configuration Like the computer we buy mobile phones, the hardware configuration is also an important indicator. The number of CPU cores is upgraded from single core, dual core to quad core step by step, and the memory capacity is gradually increased from 256 to 1G to 2G. In theory, of course, the higher the order of magnitude, the better, because it can keep up with the speed of development, the machine will not be eliminated, but the same should also consider the cost performance, do not blindly pursue high configuration, enough to do.

3. Operating system At present, most of the boxes that can be bought in China are Android systems. Android system is also a relatively powerful and versatile operating system. Many producers use their own UI optimization based on Android system, so we should pay attention to the optimization of their own UI by different vendors at one point of the operating system, whether the operation is convenient, whether the system runs smoothly and so on.

4. Expansion function Although the most important function in the Android set-top box purchase is the playback capability of its HD content, in addition, some extension functions provided by the set-top box include: whether the set-top box supports hard disk playback, and whether LAN function is supported. Whether you can browse pictures, browse websites, etc., is also a factor to consider when purchasing. A good Android set-top box can not only watch high-definition video on the network, but also meet more network applications.

5. Firmware upgrade capability The HD network set-top box hardware technology is very mature, but the software has room for further improvement, especially the strong compatibility and scalability of the network set-top box, which can be realized through firmware upgrade. Therefore, the firmware upgrade capability is still necessary to consider when selecting. It also requires that you do not support a certain function when purchasing the product at that time. It also needs to be solved by firmware upgrade. Some product failures can also be solved by firmware upgrade.

6. After-sales service What brand of Android set-top box is good? As an emerging product, Android set-top box, under the pressure of market competition, the development speed of chips and software hardware is extremely fast, and it is difficult to avoid problems, so after-sales service is extremely important. How to make up for the insufficiency of products through after-sales service, improve customer satisfaction, reputation and brand loyalty, and then establish the reputation of products, enhance the value of the brand is a problem that our company has been seriously thinking. So you can search Google for H96 TV Box.

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