H96 Pro H3 Amlogic S905X 64bit quad-core mini Android PC tv stick

H96 Pro H3 Amlogic S905X 64bit quad-core mini Android PC tv stick

The smart TV stick android mini pc is shaped like a normal USB flash drive, and outputs high-definition images to large-screen devices via HDMI or MHL interfaces. H96 pro h3 android mini pc can support high-quality OTT content delivery, game consoles, local media playback and Internet applications. . Small body shock, 13mm super Bo body, quad-core rapid experience, change your life, he supports 4K.

H96 Pro-H3 HD Internet Streaming Box TV Android 7.1

Model: Android mini pc H96 Pro h3 tv stick ; Processor: AMlogic S905X ; Hard disk capacity: Mobile storage ; Operating system: Android 7.1; Output resolution: 1920X1080;

H96 Pro-H3 TV Box Android TV stick 1GB RAM 8GB ROM Quad Core

The Amlogic S905X features a 64-bit quad-core ARM CortexTM A53 CPU architecture with a maximum frequency of 2.0 GHz, lower power consumption and higher energy efficiency, and a GPU with a five-core ARM Mali-450MP GPU @ 750MHz. ;

H96 Pro-H3 TV Box 64Bit Android7.1 smart tv stick

Amlogic's smart android mini pc TV stick SOC chip S905X won the 11th (2016) "China Semiconductor Innovation Products and Technology Project" evaluation "integration" with its original innovation capability, performance and integration. Innovation Award in the field of Circuit Products and Technology. This is the second time after the award of the award-winning SoC chip by Jingchen Semiconductor Smart TV. The T866 has won the award again last year, fully affirming the outstanding innovation ability of Jingchen Semiconductor in product and technology.

H96 Pro-H3 RK3229 Quad Core 1GB DDR3 RAM 8GB ROM TV stick

Smart dual-band wifi mini pc, memory added to 2GB, also means that its running speed will be satisfactory, multi-tasking running state of the downstream edge, and 16GB of high-speed flash memory, larger storage capacity allows users to install more applications as desired.

DMI HD H96 Pro-H3 Android Smart TV stick for Kodi

S905X is the first 64-bit, full 4K smart set-top box SOC developed by Jingchen Semiconductor in the industry. It adopts 28nm HKMG process, integrates 4-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU and 5-core Mali-450 graphics processor, and supports 4K@60fps. Video hard decoding and high dynamic range (HDR) processing; support H.265/VP9 10-bit and AVS+ and other formats, enabling point-to-point display and HDCP2.2 content protection for HDMI2.0b 4K. The SDK supports Android, Linux, and WebOS, and is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. In addition, the S905X supports Google VP9 4K decoding for the first time. Compared with VP8, the code rate can be reduced by 50% under the same picture quality, and supports larger coding blocks and more color space.

Cheapest on the Internet Android Smart TV stick for Kodi

Wifi & Bluetooth, Make H96PRO H3 have the ultimate aura: wireless features not only support 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band WiFi, but also add support for Bluetooth, which greatly enhances the convenience of operation. Want to enjoy the convenience of the mouse, want to have the sound of the sound, here can be achieved. Let you fully experience the ultimate!

4K HD dual wifi smart Android H96 Pro-H3 tv stick wholesale

Android mini pc TV stick HDMI Dongle supports Airplay wireless technology, smart handheld devices (mobile phones, tablets) and TV sticks are connected to the same WiFi network, install AirPlay-enabled server software on the TV stick, install client software on the smart handheld device, play Multimedia files on smart handheld devices that transfer pictures and sounds to TV.

High Quality Amlogic S905X H96 Pro-H3 tv stick Amazon top reviewBest family TV Amlogic AndroidH96 Pro-H3 tv stick 2018

Compared with other traditional-sized set-top boxes, the H96pro H2 has android mini pc tv stick the same operating system and the same high-quality chip configuration. But smaller size is shocking! Put it in your bags at any time and any place for a trip.

Shopping internet tv Amlogic S905X H96 Pro-H3 tv stick preiswert

Whether it is installing software or video storage, there is a big improvement, which is convenient for building a smart home theater. The pure Android 7.1 system can provide users with a more complete experience, free installation and uninstall software, will not be castrated, nor will it be forced to delete software, which is very popular among European and American users.

wholesale Android OS7.1 H96 Pro-H3 tv stick for kodi

H96 pro H3 android mini pc exquisite and meticulous TV stick, the body comes with HDMI high-definition interface, can be directly inserted in the TV, projection and other display devices, eliminating the need to organize the connection line, very convenient.
The products have various patent certificates, which can be safe to purchase and use.

Google Kodi player Android7.1 H96 Pro-H3 tv stick Online shop

This product comes from Shenzhen HAOCHUANGYI Technology Co., Ltd., has a variety of patent certificates, rest assured to buy, rest assured to use.

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