DDR3 3GB RAM Android box open box testing

DDR3 3GB RAM Android box open box testing

Greetings to all!

I present to you my review for a decent Internet TV box for Android 7.0 - H96 PRO Plus on an eight-core S912 processor with DDR3 RAM 3 GB of operational 32 GB of internal memory (!). Power for $ 60? Yeah ...

Immediately, I note that boxing is good in terms of hardware and characteristics, which, in my opinion, will not last one year ahead, and also serve as an excellent find for those who want to have Android OS on their TV screen.

Iron Boxing allows you to run any games and applications from the Market, not to mention playing online TV programs or streaming video.

Open the cardboard box ...

H96 Pro plus 3GB RAM smart tv box
H96 Pro plus DDR3 3GB set top box

... and inside we see: HDMI cable, charger, remote control.

H96 Pro plus 3GB DDR3 stream tv box

The console has an AV output for connecting older TVs, but there is no cable included. A 3.5mm to 3RCA cable can be purchased on Ali for a couple of bucks.

H96 Pro plus DDR3 3GB RAM stream ott boxH96 Pro plus 3GB ultra hd TV BOX

Charger - as much as 2.5A
H96 Pro plus 3GB RAM quad core smart tv box  adapter

The square case of the box is made of matte plastic.

H96 Pro plus DDR3 3GB quad core tv box

At the bottom of the case there are vents. It would be better to do them at the top, but then the dust will accumulate. Why not turn the board upside down? Well, okay, carried away ...

H96 Pro plus 3GB DDR3 quad core set top box

Connectors: LAN, Optical S / PIDIF, HDMI, AV, 5V power.

H96 Pro plus DDR3 3GB RAM quad core ott box

At the other end of the case there are two USB 2.0 ports and a general reboot key.

H96 Pro plus 3GB ott box

At the third end of a lonely slot for microSD memory cards.

Let's look inside the case. The case is fastened only with snaps, so carefully open the cover along the perimeter and remove it.

H96 Pro plus 3GB RAM internet tv box

The board is mounted on 2 bolts, unscrew.

H96 Pro plus DDR3 3GB internet smart tv box

Heat is removed from the processor through a standard small plate-radiator, however, it is quite enough, since the processor temperature under load is 50-60 degrees Celsius. I would not say that boxing is overheating, played a few hours in Asphalt, the temperature did not rise above 59-60 degrees.

H96 Pro plus 3GB DDR3 internet set top box

  By the way, look carefully at the picture of the board, or rather at the connectors, see what's the catch? Two additional absolutely working USB ports were found on the board! Why the manufacturer did not cut the extra two holes under them in the case remains a mystery, because the more ports the better! In a word - miracles, and only. I think they can be burned out with a soldering iron or drilled in the case without any problems, it turns out that this is a “do it yourself” designer.

  Connect the box to the TV. When turned on, the blue LED lights up.

  The OS in this version of the Android 6 is in a specific shell. WIFI and bluetooth icons are displayed on the screen, as well as a memory edge (although it is not particularly in demand with 3 gig operatives), players and widgets, including a navigation bar.

  Long thought, why in the bottom of the light bulb. It turned out that she simply turns off the blue LED.

The prefix works extremely responsively, without friezes, although what could be the friezes with such characteristics?

Opening / closing applications occurs without delays or lags.

  The system is updated via WIFI.

  The following programs are installed in the firmware:

  Kodi 16 and Movie Player, Mobdro, GoLive and Netflix are applications for watching live languages, and payable ones. Miracast - the application for connecting the smartphone to the add-on and PPPoE - for connecting to the Internet via PPPoE.
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