Mini smart projector H96-P from China factory

H96-P Smart projector Description:

Smart Projector 100 lumens mini DLP small and portable. It will give you endless pleasure from a large display anytime and anywhere. The device works on Android 5.1, the OS may sound outdated, but for the device as a projector it is more than enough. Use DLP technology to provide a stable and bright image.

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Main characteristics:

● DLP technology for high image quality and crisp, bright images

● Support system depth settings and support for office / online video / online games

● Wireless connection with iPhone, iPad, laptop, WiFi

● 2.4G and 5G dual band wireless network (AC)

● DLP image processing system makes it more economical

● Keystone correction, trapezoidal screen and intelligent adjustment

● LED light source, energy saving and low cost

● Thin 17 mm

● Built-in lithium-polymer battery with 4000 mAh for 2 hours of video or power for phones and other devices

- an excellent margin in brightness (as for an ultra-compact projector); - good design and build quality; - built-in android and quite powerful hardware (2/16 memory, gains 33,330 points in Antutu, you can comfortably play games, including heavy ones like Asphalt 8) - dual-band wifi + bluetooth (both modules perform well in work) - Android with superuser rights and does not require "dancing with a tambourine" (there is a playmarket, after logging into the account everything is set up without problems + you can install programs through apk) - the built-in battery lasts two hours; - ease of control (a good remote control + touch buttons on the body). A great option (probably the best) for your money. A little more detail - see the video.
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    I used to buy it in trade before. I don't understand why the price of the factory is more expensive than the trade.

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