Android tv box exhibition in Hong Kong

Android tv box exhibition in Hong Kong

What exhibitions are there for android tv box?
  April 18, 2019 to April 21, 2019 is the exhibition day of Asia Mobile Electronics Expo. First of all, I am very grateful to the company for giving me this opportunity, and also to the customers who support us H96 tv box. The following is my itinerary record.
H96 brand Android tv box exhibition in Hong Kong

  Approximate itinerary: We arrived at the H96 factory at 10:30 on the 17th and arrived at the Asia Mobile E-Expo exhibition hall at about 12:30. Here I would like to tell our customers that if you come from our Hong Kong airport, we only need 2 hours. We rented a car and sent us to Shenzhen. If a person's fare is not cost-effective, it costs $150. If there are two or three people, I suggest you can use this option.
What exhibitions are there for android tv box
  On the afternoon of the 17th, we began to arrange our showroom. Our showroom is very simple. This is our first time to participate in an international exhibition, only to buy a booth of 9 square meters. Although small, after putting on our Android tv box and mini smart projector and other products and posters, it looks professional, and in fact it has really surprised us in the next few days. These are inseparable from the efforts of our H96 team. Our exhibition number is 7U11.
Android tv box show customers from the US
  On April 18, 2019, we set off very early and looked forward to the good fortune of this day. At about ten o'clock in the morning, we welcomed our first customer. In order to protect the privacy of our customers, we only show one back without the customer's permission.
Android tv box show customers from Korea
  After a customer, we waited for an hour and didn't see the customer interested in our products, so I went to other places to see, I went to Halls 5, 7, 9, and 11, in fact, they are all in one After reading the hall, it is summarized as follows: There is only one company in the whole hall to be a mini projector, and most of their products do not have a system. Comparing our products, our H96 max project is Android6.0 system, 150 lumens, with TF card slot, USB interface, unfortunately the technology is currently not up to the requirements, to achieve greater lumens, such as 3000 lumens The screen can be clearly seen during the day. However, the current 200 lumens on the market do not have a clear screen during the day, but it is only better at night than the mobile phone. Why do I know that the projection effect at night will be better than the mobile phone, because we have used it ourselves, and the customer has also feedback. In addition to the few Android smart tv box peer suppliers in this exhibition hall, I also went to Halls 6, 8, 10, and 12, this pavilion has only two peers, one is Android mini pc in Hall 6, the other one Do tv stick and Android tv box. 1,2,3 are all brands and mobile electronic equipment exhibition halls, so this time the entire Asia Mobile Electronics Expo has only 3 tv box suppliers, 2 DLP projector suppliers, and we not only produce Android smart tv box, but also produce DLP smart projector, I think it is the most powerful supplier in these few.
Android tv box show customers from Malaysia
  The exhibition time was four days. We received new customers and our old customers in the past four days. We also provided free smart tv box samples to some customers. We did not provide free smart projectors. Four customers paid deposits in these four days. I remember that there are 3 customers who have placed 1000 Android tv boxes, and one customer has 3000 orders. These four customers are all customized services, they need to use their UI, logo and APP. Summarize these four days. Harvest: Although the exhibition is not in line with our products, the customer base is relatively small, but our competitiveness is also less. We have probably harvested more than 40 business cards, and sent out more than one hundred tv box brochures. In other industries, we are an ordinary harvest.
Android tv box show customers from Sri Lanka
  Here, thank you again for the recognition of new customers and old customers. If you have your photos, you feel inconvenient, we can delete the photos, and I also think that the Android box is the most indispensable accessory for smart tv, the future 5G network Speed, I believe that the prospect of this smart tv box and smart projector industry is even better. If you are not a seller in this industry now, you can pay attention to the Android tv box industry, or pay attention to our H96 brand, if you are currently tv box wholesale Merchants, distributors, agents, then you can't miss the smart tv box of the H96 brand. Ok, contact us, we will give you a different customer experience.
Android tv box show customers from Europe
  If you are interested in Android tv box, what better? Or I want to find an Android box supplier at the exhibition, where can I find the Android tv box exhibition, welcome to leave your message and comments.

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    Yazılım varmı acaba yardımcı olur musunuz saygılar sevgiler sunarım

  • Andras Bogati

    Hello! H96 rk3318 4 + 64 (android 9) tv box. how to turn off narration sound in youtube. Whatever action I take, the narrator tells me what I am doing. I ask for advice on how to turn it off. Thanks for the help Andras

  • Memis

    Hello, I have a question h96 max rk 3318 4gb 64gb blue update Android 9 to Android 10 after update wifi no function then i had to update back to Android 9 works wifi ask why wifi does not work with android 10 (2 same devices both same wifi error) thank you Hallo, ich habe eine Frage h96 max rk 3318 4gb 64gb Blau update Android 9 auf Android 10 nach update wifi keine funktion dann musste ich wieder auf Android 9 zürück updaten funktioniert wifi frage warum mit android 10 wifi nicht funktioniert (2 gleiche geräte beide gleiche wifi fehler) danke

  • Bader alharbi

    I had a problem upgrading the h96 max + to android 9.0. The network and operation disappeared rk3328

  • Marc

    Hi! Please can someone help me becouse I had tested all that i read, seen on Youtube. and my box says that it is h96max 4k Ultra HD (rockchip: RK3318) BUT when i looked into an h96max iptv box its says RK3328 ROCKCHIP ------------------------- I got iud and it always hacks/lagges, i really need to update the firmwire so I can watch tv again .. So please someone that is pro on this, PLEASE email me, i promise to not disturb you! my mail [email protected] --------------- -------------- -------- Got it so now for 6 mounts maybe, when i buyed them so works it great then in about 4-5 mounts ago starts hacking and channels just says Error .... PLEASE HELP ME dont no what too do :S ALL my costummers are so angry at me when its not my fault so I need help ASAP, Leadcool and IUDTV wont help me, i bought 2 connections code from / net and that hasnt work or I get no help there :S can someone give me the best and cheap IPTV to h96max tv box ----------------------------------------

  • Amine

    Hello I bought 10 Android tv box H96 max rk3318, and I have a problem with an application that does not want to install it is Lxtream Player for Iptv on the latest firmware, there is only one tv box that works among them 10, the firmware is in version 4.4.159 for the month of March, I looked for this version everywhere on the internet and I did not find it, please send me a link for this version: rk3318 version 4.4.159 and the update method, thank you for your help.Thanks

  • Montazar Alkefaae

    I look forward to finding your company at the show next time.

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