H96 P DLP Mini android 4K Projector User Review

H96 P DLP Mini android 4K Projector User Review

H96-P smart wifi projection 4K extreme ,support Mira cast,

Product Name: Projector 3C; Product Model: H96-P; Brightness: 50 lumens; Platform Type: None;

Delivery screen size: 30-200 inches; Operating system: Android; Support color number: 16.77 million colors;

Best placement distance: 1.5 m; Keystone correction range: ±40 degrees; Lamp power: 15W

Lamp life: 20000 hours and above; DLP technology zoom factor: fixed focus.

H96-P Mini Pocket Home WIFI Android Theater Projector
Nowadays, in the era of technology, new technology products have also been born. Mini projectors have become the new favorite in 2017, mainly because they can play large-screen movies, and are easy to carry. The cinema is much better than the smart TV in the bedroom, and the big screen is shocking. it supports 4K. With the improvement of life level , entertainment is no longer limited to watching TV, we end the hard work of the day, want to relax a large movie; smart wifi mini projection is a good choice, and it is much cheaper than smart TV.

H96-P 4K 1080P Mini DLP Projector Wifi Bluetooth Home Theater

The projector does not require a curtain and is projected directly onto the wall. The movie of more than one hundred inches is really shocking. there are more surprises. Let's dissect the inner inside of the H96-P projection.

1080P HD DLP WiFi Bluetooth Android Mini Projector Home Theater

DLP technology has been widely used to meet the needs of various pursuits of visual quality. It is also a versatile display technology on the market. It is the only display technology that can simultaneously support the world's smallest projectors (less than 2-lbs) and the largest movie screens (up to 75 feet). This technology enables images to achieve extremely high fidelity, giving clear, bright, and vivid colors.

Digital Light Processing technology is an all-digital display solution. It enables corporate, home entertainment and cinema projection systems to present images and graphics to the fullest. DLP projection technology precisely controls light to repeatedly display fully digital images. These images are bright and dazzling in any light and are clearly visible at any resolution.

Multimedia HDMI H96-P 4K 1080P Mini DLP Projector

Powerful Android system, support the perfect operation of various APP, you can enjoy music, passion games, and achieve the maximum sharing of resources through the same screen technology DLAN, Airplay, Mircast.

H96-P Amlogic S905 Android5.1 Portable Mini Projector

In the general projector use, the position of the projector should be at right angles to the projection screen as much as possible to ensure the projection effect. If the vertical of the two is not guaranteed, the screen will produce a trapezoid. And H96-P intelligent projection, he has "trapezoidal correction function" to correct the trapezoid, to ensure that the picture into a standard rectangle. Is it what it is, haha...

H96-P Quad-core android Smart Mini Projector

Built-in 4000 mAh lithium battery, in the outdoor and other very moments, you can also renew your mobile phone treasure, you will fall in love with it, haha...

Android 6.0 Mini DLP Projector H96-P

Wifi & Bluetooth, make our H96-P have a brighter aura, want to enjoy the convenience of the mouse ?want to have the sound of the sound? here can be achieved.

android pocket pico projector H96 dlp mini projector

H96-p MINI Projector so thin, True love!

Mini DLP Projector H96-P wholesales

H96-P projection, not only the protagonist at home, because it is a portable projector, but also ultra-thin, so cancel the VGA desktop computer interface, HDMI high-definition interface retention, you can external laptop, U disk, etc.,Meeting customers on business trips is Very useful. It can be directly projected when connected, which is very convenient.

Buy Amlogic S905 Android Mini DLP Projector H96-P

Have you ever imagined such a scene, OH... Too high too romantic... H96-P, the mainstream of the times, all kinds of patent certificates (see the top video), rest assured to buy, rest assured to use.

mini projector 2G 16G amlogic S905 4K H96-P Projector

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