H96 pro plus Android TV Box perfect for your main television

H96 pro plus Android TV Box perfect for your main television

This H96 Pro + is an Android TV Box that can change your daily life and the way you enjoy content. Not all of us can boast that our SmartTV is fantastic. My LG television that cost me the eyes of the face about 3 years ago is totally outdated and it is impossible to have any kind of benefit with the "smart" ideology.

The applications are bad, Youtube is terrible and even the Wi-fi itself seems built in the 2000s. Certainly so I decided to connect a ChromeCast to the television and start to enjoy quality content.

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However, Google ChromeCast can not do everything. Although I can stream my smartphone to the television it is impossible to install an app like Kodi and enjoy other content.

H96 Pro+: Uma Android TV Box perfeita para a tua televisão principal

This H96 Pro + works perfectly for this, in fact, the Android TV Box has specifications that will give you more possibilities than just viewing content.

The Android TV Box can play in 4K, has an AMCOS S912 octa-core processor running 2Ghz, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory, possibility of expansion via MicroSD and still Android 7.1, that is, you can always install applications Android on your TV.

Esta H96 Pro+ é uma Android TV Box que poderá mudar o teu quotidiano e na forma como usufruis de conteúdo
Of course the interaction will never be the same as a computer connected via HDMI, but if you like a clean and elegant setup, this box seems to me viable. The command does not have qwerty keyboard, in my experience, would advise buying a bluetooth keyboard with included trackpad in order to search for content more efficiently.

this Android TV Box seems interesting to me. The fact that you can reproduce in 4K is a significant advantage. If you have a big TV and with 4K possibility do not think about playing content with less resolution than that!
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