H96 max smart DLP projector UE review

H96 max smart DLP projector UE review

In recent years, the micro-investment industry has been booming, and various Internet emerging brands have been ebb and flow. Of course, competition is a good thing for consumers. With the continuous maturity of projection technology, ordinary families have gradually become popular. As the brand's H96, the first projector, H96-P, ultra-short-focus intelligent projector, can be said earlier. It should be said that the market is still for the H96 brand. Approved, sales are good, the previous one is the main home user, and the recently released H96 max smart projection is for individual users, mainly for small families and student party quarters, a smart projection of only the size of the palm instrument.

H96 max smart DLP projector UE review

  H96 max intelligent projection can be described as a true handheld projection, the size is 180 * 110 * 35mm, can be described as small to the extreme. Using Texas Instruments DLP optical projection technology, 8-core CPU, resolution of 854 × 480, with 200 lumens of light source brightness, projection ratio of 1.4, that is, 3 meters can project a 120-inch large screen. In addition, the network also supports 2.4G/5G dual-band WIFI, built-in a variety of mainstream video applications, video content has everything. Of course, unlike many projections, this H96 max smart projector has a built-in 4100mAh lithium battery. Don't look at the small size, but the function is the ultimate.

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  Experienced smart projectors should have a few models, but they are relatively large, and this H96 max smart projection is much smaller, the whole package is relatively simple, in addition to the power adapter manual, there is H96 max Bluetooth Speaker, used together, the sound quality is very good.

  In terms of accessories, in addition to the projector main unit, there is also a remote control and a power adapter. Because it is a portable projector and has a built-in lithium battery, the power adapter is rarely used if it is not used for a long time. Moreover, there is a touch button directly above the host. If it is not placed far away, the remote control can be used. The general package will be equipped with a special bracket.

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This is a special bracket from the official website, connected by a base, and then a fixed tripod below.

H96 max intelligent projection uses the effect of matte surface, the visual screen very fashionable, the touch panel is smooth and easy to operate, it should be said that the overall work is still quite good, and it is tight. And looking around the entire Fuselage, there is no trace of scratches or flaws, you can see that the quality department is very strict.

H96 max projector lateral view

The front of the H96 max intelligent projection is a projection lens, and next to it is a manual focusing button. The damped focusing of the wheel can quickly adjust the focal length for a clearer picture.

The side is designed with a wealth of interfaces and power switches, starting from the right are the power switch, TF card, HDMI interface, Micro usb interface, DC power interface, audio output, and a USB interface. If you have a game console Such as X-box and PS4 in your home, you can also connect the H96 max smart projection to play big-screen games. You can even access devices such as TV set-top boxes at home.

lateral view H96 max projector

At the bottom is the speaker sound hole, built-in 1.8W power speaker, although the sound can not be said to be particularly perfect, but it can basically meet the requirements of the viewing. If you have a requirement for sound quality and want to experience stereo sound in the dormitory, then it is recommended to connect a Bluetooth speaker or a wired external speaker. We specialize in giving a H96 max Bluetooth speaker.

On the other side of the projection body, there is a row of cooling holes. Whether the projector is large or small, the heat dissipation problem has always been the top priority. Moreover, it also greatly affects the service life of the product. As we all know, mobile phones that are generally prone to heat generally do not take years. The large-area heat dissipation hole such as H96 max also ensures the heat dissipation effect and improves the stability of the product.

  The H96 max has a matte finish on the positive side, which also greatly increases the face value. In fact, after booting up, you will find that there are nine indicators of amphibious lights on the top. The top touch buttons are also designed on the top. Even if you project in a dark environment, you can clearly see the touch. The touch response is quite sensitive. . However, unlike many portable projections, the bottom of this projection is designed with a tripod hole. If you need to install the bracket, the package contains it. However, if you project the ceiling, you can stand upright and the stand can be spared.

  The remote control is the current standard 12-key design. If you have used a smart TV or a network set-top box, you should know more about it and there will be no obstacles.

Mini H96 max smart projector

For the projector, of course, the effect of the projection is the most critical. It has been used in some high-end intelligent projections, especially the brightness above 700ANSI lumens, although the H96 max can not be compared with them, after all, the positioning is different, and the official claims to be 200ANSI lumens, in fact, does not hold too much hope

However, after turning off the lights at night, I was greatly surprised. Both the brightness of the picture and the degree of color reduction are much better than expected, and the size of this shot is estimated to be about 60 inches, projected to the ceiling. Up. I believe that zooming in to 100 inches is more than enough. Of course, if you want to watch the movie during the day, you may need to pull the curtains. Moreover, the application scene of this projection is much richer than that of the home type. You can take it with you when you go camping, or you have to go out in the dormitory, or in the dormitory, or when you are outside the night barbecue, the picture should be very cool. Things.

DLP projector T-correction diagram

Intelligent projectors, in addition to projection, the content is also very important, H96 max equipped with intelligent system based on Android system deep optimization, but also built-in Netflix, Kodi, and other mainstream video sites, and the entire interface is simple to operate, at a glance, You can also download TV games and listen to music, and the playability is very high.

Moreover, H96 Max also supports the same screen of the mobile phone, which can project the screen of the mobile phone onto the wall screen. For example, when playing "Eating Chicken", if you are struggling on the mobile phone, you can directly project a 100-inch large screen to make you see clearly. Of course, if you need to display content at work, you can also operate it on your mobile phone, completely eliminating the need for old-fashioned projections to be connected to a computer.

When many projection products are pursuing higher brightness and higher definition, the H96 max intelligent projection is the opposite, but the portable and easy to use to the extreme, not only small, one hand can It is also a built-in lithium battery. It can also be used as an emergency backup power source when the phone is out of power. In the projection effect, it also performs well, and the color reproduction and brightness are remarkable. Personally think that it is very suitable for small-sized families, outdoor travel and dormitory use, this MINI-level projector, do you like it?

DLP projector panorama

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