Smart tv box more functions

Smart tv box more functions

I remember that when we watched TV, because of poor signal and limited family conditions, the most common ones are the aluminum antennas. Some even use their own lids to receive signals. It is conceivable that this antenna signal is Very poor, and now people's living conditions have improved, and now basically every family has installed a color TV, of course, in order to receive more TV programs, many farmers will install smart tv box to watch TV. So what is the other role of the smart tv box of this Android system besides connecting to the TV? I don't know what to lose. Let's take a look.

Attentive little friends will definitely find a USB interface on the back of the smart tv box. This interface is not an ornament. The first interface can be used as a mobile phone charger. If the guest comes from a guest because the socket is limited, we can use it at this time. The USB interface of the set-top box to charge the phone is not very fresh.

Secondly, when there is a problem in our home network, we can put the pre-downloaded movie into the USB flash drive and put it into the USB interface of the set-top box for viewing. So even if there is no network, we will not be particularly boring, but Convert the format in advance.

In addition, you can play the pictures in your USB flash drive and share photos taken with your digital camera with your family. In addition to the USB interface, there is also a TF card interface. Before we used the digital photo frame, we can now play pictures and videos using the smart tv box. And convenient for any place.

The third most important point is that the merchants use the factory test for the machine. Before leaving the factory, the relevant testers will insert the inspection tool into the USB interface, and then detect it to ensure that the product is running normally.

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