TV dongle vs TV box

TV dongle vs TV box

Which do you prefe: TV dongle VS TV box

Nowadays, HD streaming media players have entered the era of network and intelligence. Almost all new HD streaming media players can be connected to the Internet and equipped with intelligent operating systems (mostly Android-based and deepened Customized). At the same time, the actual needs of consumers have begun to change: initially everyone will download or transfer files from Blu-ray and DVD to HD streaming media player for playback, and transfer the image to the large LCD TV. However, more users are now accustomed to using the HD Smart tv box to search for related network video resources to view, which relatively weakens the need for high-definition streaming media players to play local video. However, the solution for decoding 1080p full HD video on the market is very mature, and the chip supply is very stable. It has become the most basic function for high-definition players on the market.
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At present, many users have begun to choose a more convenient way to watch large movies, that is, directly access the Internet through the Internet tvbox, so many users are less demanding on the local playback capability of the set-top box, so many manufacturers have introduced tv dongle. Products such as Google's Chromecast, fire tv stick, etc., in addition to Sony's own tv dongle products, their size is only slightly larger than the ordinary U disk, but much smaller than the traditional TV box, power consumption It becomes lower, and when it is plugged into the HDMI interface or MHL interface of the LCD TV, the existence of the tv dongle product is completely invisible from the front, that is, the overall beauty of the TV cabinet is not damaged, and the volume of the Internet tv box is relatively It will be much larger and requires a special area to be placed, and the extra wires are not conducive to the overall aesthetics.
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Although these tv dongle products are very small in size, they are very functional. Similar to Google Chromecast and Sony tv dongle products, there are operating systems and WiFI wireless network modules, which can provide rich online video resources through the network. The network function can completely replace the traditional network HD set-top box, so in the future with more powerful hardware and smaller size, can these small tv donggles replace the position of the Internet tv box?
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Here we introduce the advantages of these tv dongle products:
First of all, in terms of functions, as mentioned above, many tv dongle products come with an operating system, so they can directly provide an operating system for LCD TVs like the normal Internet tv box, which can realize network video. Watch and other features, and this is the main use of most consumers to buy Internet tv box.
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In addition, its size is very small, after plugging in the LCD TV's HDMI or MHL interface, we will not feel its existence at all, it just silently serve us, will not destroy the entire home decoration environment, and does not need to use a separate Wires do not need to be sorted.
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In terms of operation mode, the Internet tv box often requires the user to use a separate remote control, so that after the remote control of the original LCD TV, the user needs to hold two remote controllers during operation, which is undoubtedly very troublesome. The tv dongle does not need any remote control operation at all. Sony's tv dongle product is more convenient. The data transmission feature of the MHL interface only needs to use the LCD TV's own remote control. Even the APP software does not need to be installed. It will be more convenient. At present, almost all new LCD TVs are equipped with MHL interfaces, which makes it easier to match.
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These are some of the advantages of tv dongle products over traditional Internet tv boxes, but tv dongle products are new things that have just been introduced. They are not perfect in many places, and they have functions that cannot be realized.

The first is to read local files and decode video. Due to the lack of size, the current Internet tv box hardware performance will be more powerful, including video decoders, audio decoders, CPUs and graphics processing chips, etc., which are processing 1080p. HD or even 4K Ultra HD video will be smoother and the audio output will be better. If the consumer is very concerned about the audio and video effects of the output, then the Internet tv box is still the best choice.

In addition, users of the Internet tv box can install the APP application according to their own needs. After all, the current set-top box has deeply customized the operating system, but it is still Android system in essence, so it can be compatible with rich third-party applications. At present, many tv dongle are not Android, so in addition to watching online videos, if users have other renewals, tv dongle can not be satisfied. For example, many set-top boxes are equipped with special game controllers to have good game performance, and even a microphone can be connected to achieve karaoke function, and tv dongle cannot do this.

It is also because of the limited size, the various circuit components inside the tv dongle are arranged very tightly, so the heat dissipation is limited. In some of the tv dongle products we have used, there has been a problem of excessive heat, which will affect the stability of long-term work to a certain extent, which is what tv dongle products need to solve.

 Through the above analysis, we can see that both tv dongle and traditional Internet tv box products have their own advantages and disadvantages, of which tv dongle wins in small size and simple operation, but function, performance and stability. There are still some shortcomings in the aspect, especially when running for a long time, it is likely to cause instability due to the relatively large heat.

The traditional Internet tv box products are more feature-rich and more powerful, and can better meet the entertainment needs of home users. Such as support for AirPlay, multi-screen interaction and push, Skype, whatAPP, Kodi, recording and extension of TV programs, etc., these are popular features. So at present, tv dongle products have many advantages, but they still can't replace the current status of Internet tv box, but they will divert some users, such as consumers who only need to watch online video. Obviously, they are more cost-effective to buy tv dongle. Taking advantage of its small size, ease of use, and low price, Internet tv box is still a better choice for consumers with higher performance, stability and functionality.
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Summary:  tv dongle is a streamlined version of the tv box, the function is similar, but the expansion and performance is generally a good box, but tv dongle small size, low power consumption, does not affect the appearance. See you need tv dongle generally no remote control, is the operation of mobile phone software, the elderly may not be used to. TV has a power cord, and HDMI cable, some people are too troublesome, oh, right tv dongle is generally wireless, does not support wired networks. Therefore, there is no trouble in the wireless environment at home.

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