Android Smart TV box hardware configuration DDR3 VS DDR4

Android Smart TV box hardware configuration DDR3 VS DDR4

What is DDR3?

DDR3 SDRAM (Double-Data-Rate Three Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) is a computer memory specification. It belongs to the SDRAM family of memory products, offering higher operating performance and lower voltage than DDR2 SDRAM, and is the successor to DDR2 SDRAM (four times data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory) (up to eight times).
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What is DDR4?

DDR, full name: Dual Data Rate, is a double rate synchronous dynamic random access memory. Strictly speaking, DDR should be called DDR SDRAM. People used to call it DDR. SDRAM is the abbreviation of Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory, which is synchronous dynamic random access memory. DDR SDRAM is the abbreviation of Double Data Rate SDRAM, which is double. The meaning of rate synchronous dynamic random access memory. Simply put, DDR4 is the meaning of the second generation of memory, has experienced DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 memory, it belongs to the next generation version of our well-known DDR3 memory, the new generation of DDR4 memory brings lower power consumption and better performance.

Android smart tv box ddr3 vs ddr4

First, the appearance is different:

Under normal circumstances, DDR4 memory gold finger contacts reached 284, and each contact spacing is only 0.85mm, DDR3 memory gold finger contact is 240, because of this change, DDR4 memory gold finger part is also designed as the middle Slightly protruding, the edge is shortened in shape, with a smooth curve transition at the center's high point and the low end of the two ends.

Second, the memory frequency is not the same

The maximum frequency of DDR3 memory can only reach 2133; the starting frequency of DDR4 memory has reached 2133, and the highest frequency of the product has reached 3000. From the perspective of memory frequency, DDR4 has a large room for improvement compared with DDR3.

Third, the power consumption is different

DDR4 power consumption is obviously very low, the general voltage reaches 1.2V, the previous generation DDR3 memory uses 1.5V standard voltage, while the DDR4 memory is reduced to 1.2V, which can even be lower, power consumption is reduced, and memory can be reduced. heat.

The basis for algebraic partitioning is the multiplying rate: DDR3 is 8bit prefetching and DDR4 is 16bit prefetching. The double speed means that the memory rearranges the data and then transmits it in bit times. In theory, at the same frequency, the bandwidth is increased by 70%. However, the current DDR4 is not very practical, because the memory throughput performance has exceeded the performance of the computing unit; in short, the memory performance is excessive, the CPU hard disk and so on have bottlenecks. So actually use it. I feel that the difference between DDR4 and 3 is not big. When the performance of CPU hard disk and so on is improved, the advantages of DDR4 will be exerted.

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1. The appearance of DDR4 memory stick changes obviously, the golden finger becomes curved, easy to plug and unplug and reduce PCB pressure.

2. DDR4 memory uses point-to-point transmission internally, and the frequency is obviously improved.

3. The DDR4 memory capacity is significantly improved, and the single-root memory can support up to 128GB.

4. DDR4 power consumption is significantly reduced, the voltage drops to 1.2V, or even lower.

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