Best Android tv box 2019 VS 2018

Best Android tv box 2019 VS 2018

Best Android tv box 2019 VS 2018

Although it has been 6 months since 2018, for Android system fans, from Android 7.0 to Android 8.0, 2019 officially entered the era of Android 9.0. Whether it's a mobile phone or an Android tv box, we can always find the shadow of Android 9.0 on the market.

Don't discuss anything else today, let's recall and discuss which tv box configurations are our 2018 concern.

The first is in 2018, the previous tv box firmware was upgraded to Android 8.1. The boot interface for each brand or model is different, but when we look at the settings, the firmware has been upgraded. Of course, at the beginning, many customers feedback various failure problems, and even many users start to hate using Android tv box. If you use some methods to view data, then you will find that the tv box industry began to decline in 2018, maybe Because the market is saturated, maybe because of some tariff issues. In short, the tv box industry suffered a blow in 2018.

Rockchip RK3328 High Quality H96 Max plus tv box

If you just see the bad side, then it is a pity that you have been eliminated. Because the tv box industry began to rise in 2019, although not as popular as 2017, 2019 is not the worst, because 2018 is better than 2015. Technology is always developing, and old products, or some flaws, are slowly being solved. In the age of the Internet, we used to use the Android tv box, so the old one will be replaced by the new one. The latest news of Android tv box in 2019 is the application of Android 9.0. We released 3 Android 9.0 related tv boxes, the first one is h96 max+, maybe you will wonder why you want to use h96 max+, I want to tell you Yes, the user base of h96 max+ is too big, we have to upgrade the firmware of Android 8.0 to Android 9.0.

If only one Android 9.0 H96 max plus can't satisfy the user, we have introduced H96 max rk3318. As long as you search for the rk3318 related tv box, most of them are our news. That's right, h96 max rk3318 has been accepted by users. When I first saw this, it was already attracted to it.

Android tv box 2019 vs 2018

The release of a new product requires a lot of programs. The Amlogic s905x2 chip has been accepted by the market. Our user h96 max x2 also uses Android 9.0. The release time of H96 max x2 is very short. The Android 8.1 system has been used. Users are eliminated, so upgrade to Android 9.0 system.

android tv box h96 max x2 Voice remote control

Android 8.1 has been with us for 2018. Just as Android 7.0 is with us, I believe there are still some areas that still use Android 8.1.

Android tv box 2018 VS 2019, Android 9.0 system inherits almost all the advantages of Android 8.1. Next, let's recall what new features are available in the 2018 Android tv box. That's right, the voice remote is combined with the Android tv box. Maybe some big brands already have it, but the price is very expensive. In 2018, the Android tv box of the voice remote control has been popularized and can be used by ordinary families. But there is a flaw, voice technology is not very mature, many people will not use it. But in 2019, the function was optimized and used very smoothly. It works better with Android 9.0.

Android tv box 2018 VS 2019, we have summarized two different places, then what are the differences between 2018 and 2019? What changes have been made to the WiFi module? Yes, there are not many Android tv boxes for dual WiFi in 2018. However, almost all styles in 2019 are dual WiFi, dual WiFi does not have a big technical breakthrough, just to solve different WiFi bands.

So which models are used in 2018? I only compare Rockchip and Amlogic. The chip that Rockchip uses most in 2018 is rk3328. (There are not many features of rk3328 here, if you visit more rk3328 vs rk3318 .) rk3399 is a very high quality chip that will be chosen by the high end market. The rk3329 has too many compatibility issues and is short-lived and may be re-optimized in the future. Amlogic's most used in 2018 is the S905 series, such as the S905W, which, like the rk3399, is a high-end market. The price is relatively expensive.

Hot android tv box 2019

The most used in 2019 is still rk3328, but the next may be rk3318, because the performance of rk3318de inherits most of the performance of rk3328, and the price drops a lot, because of the price reason, there is a big advantage in the configuration of 4+64GB. . The most used Amlogic is the S905X2. The S905x2 has very good heat dissipation. We use the H96 max x2 continuously for one day, and the machine will not feel very hot. It is not advantageous in other products.

The main configuration in 2018 is 2+16GB, 3+32GB. I don't know why there is 3GB of RAM, but there is a 4GB+64GB configuration soon. In addition to the cheap 2+16GB, 4+64GB is the most popular, 1+8GB is very popular in 2016, and it will decline in 2017. In 2018, almost everyone does not discuss the 1+8GB tv box. 2+16GB is still accepted by the market in 2019, but sales of 4+32GB and 4+64GB are increasing. The wholesale price of rk3318 4+64GB is less than 30 dollars. It is conceivable that the mainstream of the future is configured. Let us look forward to the fact that iPhones have 256GB and 512GB, and who would like to use 16GB.

Summary: Android tv box 2018 VS 2019

2018 Android 8.1, rk3328 and S905W, 2+16GB, is the most popular, with a new voice remote control and a larger RAM 4+64GB.

Android 9.0, rk3318, S905X2, 4+64GB in 2019 is the most popular, and the overall Android tv box price has dropped.

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