H96 brand online sales tv box in Canada

H96 brand online sales tv box in Canada

This article details how to find the cheapest SMART TV BOX purchase channel in Canada, and sort out the purchase channel ideas for your reference.

Canada where buy for android 9.0 h96 tv box

I often see the seller complaining on the Internet: my goods have been transferred a few times, and the money has been earned by the middlemen. How can I purchase directly from the factory? In fact, the dealer is a necessary part of the circulation of goods, we do not have to avoid him. As a wholesaler, everyone wants to find their real manufacturer (we are the Android Smart tv box manufacturer, in Shenzhen, China), or a direct sales reseller, because this is the most direct and most favorable price. But in fact it is not wise to do so, especially Canadian businessmen who have just started to do wholesale. The reason is that the funds that have just been wholesale do not have an advantage. What is more important is that there is no complete purchase channel. More is to see that people are selling well before you follow suit. In fact, customers are different and will directly lead to The result is different. The most ideal sales channel is that the superior pays for your product----return and replacement, and this requires process and trust.

How to find the Canadian Smart tv box purchase channel?

The first type: the source of the manufacturer, can guarantee the supply of goods and the quality of the supply, the service attitude is also good, how to cooperate with them for a long time, most of them can win their so-called slow-moving change. I have no worries about my future business, but in this kind of factory, the wholesale quantity is generally higher, and it is difficult for small wholesale customers to meet their requirements. If you don’t have enough working capital, you don’t want to bear the pressure. If you are at risk, it is better to find other ways, but in turn, you are enough that you are not afraid to bear the risk of pressure, this is a good way to purchase.

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The second type: the so-called big wholesaler: a lot of search on the Internet, such as Google search Smart tv box Canada wholesale can find their ads, the source is directly supplied by the manufacturer (rare bidding is Factory, generally wholesalers) basically do not have to worry about the source of goods, the general advantage: easier to find, generally can find a lot with Google. They are generally supplied directly by the manufacturer and the supply is relatively stable. However, compared with purchasing directly from the manufacturer, it also has its own shortcomings. Because they are big, the service will inevitably fail to keep up. Especially for customers who are not familiar with your small customers, they think their own customers have accumulated very well, so It is very difficult for your new customer, who is not a big deal, to give you any discounts or to be able to talk to them about what conditions, unless they have been a long-term accumulation of a large customer. Another point is that the return of the goods can not be compared to the direct manufacturers. Because if you give him a replacement, it is best to contact the manufacturer. If the requirements for each customer's return can be met, they will not only have trouble, but also reduce their profits, so they will try their best to find reasons. .

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The third type: the wholesaler who just started: Because most of these Canadian wholesalers have just started from the store manager or a certain industry because of their initial start, there is no fixed wholesale customer under normal circumstances, no visibility. . In order to win customers, their starting quantity is small, the price is generally not higher than even some commodities will be lower than the large wholesalers. And then you can talk to them about conditions, such as price and exchange. If it is not a particularly excessive condition, in general, in order to win back customers, most of them will agree, and their after-sales service is generally better. This is something that big wholesalers can't match. The downside is that because they are new wholesalers, they don't know much about their credit and integrity. This is an environment that cannot be ignored. You can search for their evaluations among peers.

The fourth type: For Canadian shop owners who want to start or just start an online store, you can go to some source navigation sites, such as the famous Alibaba and made-in-China. Why go to these sites to go? Because there is a large amount of information on this type of website, such as consignment, supply or wholesale, you can choose the information that suits you and make a good trip for your own online shop. Of course, there may be some prices in this information that are high, but you can shop around. There is also the possibility that some of this information will be false, which is to play your ability to distinguish.

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Summary: We are the android Smart tv box factory or the familiar H96 Smart tv box brand manufacturer. Our factory was established in 2013, but we are running Smart tv box in 2010. We started from a small Smart tv box wholesaler, then became a big distributor, and finally set up our own factory to be a H96 brand. We can understand the difficulties of small wholesalers and feel the needs of large wholesalers. Trust, so we set up several sales departments, a large wholesale merchants with a certain amount of VIP business managers will receive you, small wholesalers, we will have professional salesmen to serve you, our service concept is the same, we want to let You get the highest benefits, and while we make a profit, we are perfecting our R&D team and after-sales team. It all comes from your support, thank you, join us and make us a better partner.

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