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The Android box is popular in Canada. As the network becomes more and more developed, the Android box is becoming more and more popular. However, for a while, the Xiaomi Android box was blocked in Canada, and some functions could not be used, which caused many users to be troubled. However, if you use a local Canadian brand and install a local firmware service, there will be no after-sales problems. The H96 brand offers Android box hardware services, has provided hardware services for over 300 brands, installed their firmware, or APK.
Why choose Our Android box ?


We can design motherboards and models according to customer requirements. After the client puts forward the design requirements, Our R&D team will evaluate the feasibility of the plan and the design cycle according to the design requirements. In pursuit of perfection, our R&D will provide some Suggestions for improvement to the customer’s design requirements with professional knowledge and valuable experience, and collect feedback from customers. To produce the product can meet customer needs and market needs.

Custom Android box in Canada oem android box factory in Canada

Android Box OEM-Motherboard R&D

Motherboard R & D is based on the customer’s requirements (CPU, ddr, flash, wifi, BT, Ethernet, usb3.0/2.0, type-c, sd card, coaxial fiber and other functions), designed to meet the requirements of the Schematic (SCH), then make a BOM list based on the schematic diagram, procurement according to the BOM list to complete the cost quotation and procurement of materials; schematic diagram is completed, the PCB into the schematic network and structure DXF file PCB design, After the PCB design is completed, output Gerber file PCB factory production PCB board. 

  The Models research and development are based on the customer’s appearance ID requirements and PCB interface location, interface package, installation method, cooling methods, etc., design 3D mold graphics, 3D model design after the completion of the output Stp file and structure DXF file Stp file for the production of CNC Hand board, structured DXF file for PCB design. After the PCBA sample is completed and the CNC sample assembly verification is completed, new model is done.

  DoMarket research first, according to market model (mainly inspect model, configuration, function, new experience) and product planning, confirm the corresponding function and configuration and estimate the cost. After the assessment is passed, design the schematic SCH according to the function and Configuration, and then Completion of BOM-production and PCB design, BOM cost calculation and completion of sample material procurement after completion of the design, at the same time the schematic design, 3D mold design at the same time, after the completion of the 3D Model design output Stp file and structure DXF file, Stp file For the production of CNC Shouban, the structure DXF file for PCB design. After the PCBA sample verification test is completed and the CNC sample assembly verification is completed, the model is done.

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