What are the custom services for tv box

What are the custom services for tv box

H96 Brand helps you stream your content via an Android TV based streaming stick or an Android TV powered media box which has exclusively your branding on the hardware as well as your android app is preloaded, such that the device boots into the same always, providing viewers exclusive access to only your content.

You can also choose to pre-install Apps from 3rd parties allowing your viewers easy access to content apart from your or chose to remove the Google Play Store, thus preventing users from installing any other apps. 

Many software vendors choose to work with us, you provide your own apk or firmware, we offer Android TV sticks or tv boxes, we work together to complete the entire solution.

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Custom tv box – About H96

H96 is a professional manufacturer of Digital Electronic products. We are an enterprise that integrates CRM & research, technological development, products management and high qualified sales for overseas standards.

Our products are mainly sold in domestic market as well as are to many other countries overseas. Within project managements, we provide a quite conscise and specialized service tailored for any kind of projects of any sorts of customer, being them all either fast or of excellent results.

We want to enphisizes that ALL H96 PRODUCTS ARE DESIGNED AND ASSEMBLED from our own DESIGN HOUSE to your door. Hence, we do not choose to go through any third-party motherboard designers. We implement any area, from hardware to its software complementation.

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H96 tv boxes products and services

Our main product is TV Box, as well as IPTV, Smart projector and so on. Our sales team has been devoted fully to electronic products for more than 10 years, also to sales experience of Android OS products for more than 6 years.

Altought our company is established in 2013, Served more than 3000 customers from 106 countries . The products are sold in China as well as to many other countries and states all over the world. Most of the orders are drive-down production cost (ODM & OEM), as well as the PCBA projects.

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Custom tv boxes services - Why H96 tv box?

H96 is unique at blending "Honesty" & "Quality". We do maximaze these two concepts to a perfect confluence, to reach the win-win between our customers and employees. We build not only a respectable image, but also a professional, durable and stable client relationship.

H96 group is looking forward for your co-operation in the social endevour of launching YOUR business career, taking care of its immidiate realization success, in this very near future.

Custom Android box in Canada oem android box factory in Canada

Custom Your tv box - H96 tv box Factory

By choosing H96 as partner you will be cooperating with a big company. We own a really big factory ready for your projects. As easy as sending an email to let us know about your ideas, we can make them real together. Thousands of Android TV Boxes are assembled every month. Some of them are H96, some others are custom projects.

H96 tv box factory production lineCustom your tv box for factory production lineAndroid tv box factory in Shenzhen China

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