Android 9.0 tv box 4K Vs 6K Allwinner H6

Android 9.0 tv box 4K Vs 6K Allwinner H6

Android tv box 6K Vs 4K

We often see that the manufacturer's Tv Box will be marked with 4K support, where 4K refers to 4K resolution. The 4K resolution is 4096×2160 pixel resolution, which is 4 times the resolution of 2K projector and HDTV, and belongs to ultra high definition resolution. At this resolution, the viewer will be able to see every detail in the picture, each with a close-up.

4K and 6K Tv box screensize vs distance

What most people don't realize is that 4K and higher shooting formats are used for purposes of editing, where you may need to zoom in on an image without any resolution loss. Yes, the higher number equals more pixels. For example, 4K means Your pixel resolution is 4,000 pixels across your TV screen. (Want me to be confusing? It's technically 3,840 pixels across, but its rounded for simplicity.)

android tv box 4K and 6K resolution comparison

As a higher resolution ultra-high definition display specification, 4K technology can display 8 effective pixels, which is equivalent to 4 times of 1080P resolution. The price of 4K resolution android tv box playback equipment is also generally higher than the average. Set-top boxes are more expensive. But Rockchip's rk3328, or the simplified version of rk3328, rk3318, is relatively cheap, and most people can afford 4K tv box. For example, the H96 max RK3318 ex-factory price range is USD $19.0~ USD $26.

H96 max rk3318 4K android 9.0 tv box

At present, the highest resolution of Android tv box has been developed to 6K (5780X2890 pixel resolution). For example, the Allwinner H6 Quad Core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53, 6K used in the H96 mini H6 not only brings more detailed HD quality, but also represents the HDR 10 high dynamic range image standard and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) on behalf of the chip H6. Technology that supports the Allwinner Smartcolor 3.0 smart image quality engine. It can be said that the clarity of the TV box is getting better and better, and may even exceed the trend of TV. So what about the price of the 6K tv box? Allwinner H6 Quad Core H96 mini H6 4GB RAM +32GB ROM Ex-factory price USD $28.6, 4GB RAM +128GB ROM USD $39.0

H96 mini H6 android 9.0 6K tv box

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