Allwinner H6 REVIEW: 6k H96 mini H6 tv box

Allwinner H6 REVIEW: 6k H96 mini H6 tv box

H96 mini H6 is the Android 9.0 TV Box of which we present today its analysis or review, a model integrates the Allwinner H6 SoC that offers us interesting specifications of connectivity and video quality. This TV-Box mounts in its box 4GB of DDR4 RAM, 32GB or 128GB of storage and a USB 3.0 connector. Let’s see in our usual review how this device behaves and the potential of its hardware compared to other models in the sector.

OS Android 9.0 H96 mini H6 tv box 128GB of ROM

H96 mini H6 DETAILS

Model H96 mini H6
Basic Specs SoC: Alwinner H6 Quad Core Cortex A-53 (64bit) / GPU Mali-T720 MP2 / 4x ARM-A53 @ 1.8GHz / 28nm
System: Android 7.0 (32bit)
Ram and storage: 4 GB DDR4 – 32/64 GB eMMC – (4/32GB in Review)
Network: Wifi ac 2×2 – Bluetooth 4.1 – Ethernet 10/100
Ports: HDMI 2.0a 4K@60fps / Audio Jack / 1x USB 2.0 / 1x USB 3.0 / MicroSD / Reset
Extras: IR remote control / HDMI cable / Manual / DC 5V 2A adapter

Allwinner CPU H96 mini H6 packing list

H96 mini H6 Description:

The ANDROID 9.0 TV Box H96 mini H6 is a model with a New design with a Blue square plastic box rather small, in the upper part we have the logo of the device, Both sides are vents for easy CPU cooling.

Materials and measures: Plastic / 100 x 100 x 18 mm / 110 gr.

Package contents: Manual / Adapter DC 5V 2A / HDMI cable / IR remote control (2x AAA batteries not included).

Interfaces: HDMI 2.0a 4K@60fps / Audio Jack / 1x USB 2.0 / 1x USB 3.0 / MicroSD / Reset hole

Remote control: Basic IR control with quick access keys.

Alternative remote control: We can control remotely from our mobile or Android TV-Box using the app  Cetusplay or connect a flymouse, mouse or keyboard.

H96 mini H6 Allwinner H6 SoC and 128GB of ROM
The tv box that supports TF card expansion generally stores 32GB or 64GB. The maximum internal storage of H96 mini H6 is 128GB, so the TF card is cancelled and the tv box runs better. H96 mini H6 tv box on the opposite side 1* USB 3.0 port and 1* USB 2.0 port , hole for reset, Audio jack, 10/100 Ethernet port and HDMI 2.0 compatible video output 4K@60fps HDR . In the lower part we have four rubber feet that raise the TV-Box minimally.

WHERE BUY H96 mini H6 tv box


Environment and user experience

We connect the H96 mini H6 to the current, it starts automatically with an animation. We arrived at the launcher by default called Alice UX based square and it has three main categories, the first customizable in the bottom bar, the second with the list of apps and the third with the settings and different areas to add apps. On one side we have some quick accesses to the latest apps that we have run. A launcher customized to use with the command without a doubt although it is more of the same. The system has the lower navigation bar and the upper notification area.

In this model the system moves correctly and quickly loads the apps, the Allwinner H6 SoC and the 4GB of RAM fulfill their function, the internal storage is fast enough to make the loading of apps fluid.

Launcher: Basic Launcher / YES we can change launcher / Android UI rendering at 1080p.

Multitasking and access: Multitasking  available directly i remote and lowe bar / YES lower access bar and notification area.

Installed apps: Google play, Netflix, several streaming apps, Miracast and YouTube.

Languages: All the international Android classics.

On/Off Controls: The system remains on hold when you press the power off button.

H96 mini h6 System, support and store apps

Regarding the settings the H96 mini H6 It has a single menu of settings that has the classic design of Android. The Google Play store behaves normally and we can find the most common apps. The version of the system and the compilation of the kernel are not the last.

System version: Android 9.0 (64 bit) / Allwinner H6 Quad Core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53. 4K@60 FPS, 6K*4K@30FPS

App store: Google Play with all the apps available for the Android system.


H96 mini h6 Storage and RAM Memory

We pass our memory tests and internal storage in the H96 mini H6 using the SD bench app. As we can see in the tests, the internal storage speed is good, which makes the system show fast. We also have as a novelty with a USB 3.0 port that allows us much higher reading speeds than the classic USB 2.0 although the writing does not reach the maximum of this type of ports.

Storage: Total 128GB – Free 120GB. / Is expandable with a USB memory stick

RAM: Total 4GB – Free 3GB / DDR4.

Compatible formats: NTFS compatible / exFAT compatible

H96 mini h6 WIFI and Bluetooth

In Wi-Fi connections, the H96 mini H6 TV-Box has a Wifi ac 2.4/5GHz with internal and Bluetooth 4.0 with which we connect to an ASUS RT-AC1200G+ Router, a mid-range device. We perform tests on the use of streaming using the iPerf measurement tool to see the maximum performance of each network adapter.

Wifi speed results: Correct speed with good stability, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,   2.4G/5G/AC) 

Wifi range: At a distance of 5 meters with a wall we have a signal of 42 dBm, correct values.

Bluetooth: We can connect compatible devices without problems.

Power consumption, temperature and noise

The power consumption of the Android TV H96 MINI H6 using the Alwinner H6 SoC it has the correct results in terms of efficiency. This Allwinner SoC only has a maximum consumption of only 6.5W.

We check the performance of the TV Box in scenarios of maximum sustained performance and in its usual use, we use a stress app for fifteen minutes and thermal camera to detect hot areas. As we have seen the H96 mini H6 has ventilation slots in its perimeter but occasionally suffers from some heat to put it to the maximum, the 28nm are noted although giving normal use this is not appreciable.

Loss of performance: The system maintains a correct performance at 81%, small loss of performance.

Temperature: The upper part heats up a little but does not affect the general use of the TV-Box.

Noise: Fanless system, 0db.



In terms of power H96 mini H6 has very good results and leaves the Allwinner H6 Quad Core with processors ARM Cortex-A53 and GPU Mali-T720 MP2 in a zone of quite good performance. If we compare the results we can see is close to the actual S905X2 Amlogic SoC from the new generation at CPU level but lower in GPU. In general performance it is below that of powerful models like the Rockchip RK3399 that integrates the powerful ARM Cortex-A73 cores, in global terms a correct product by its price.

Games and gamepads

For the gaming aspect the H96 mini H6 have the Allwinner H6 SoC that integrates a Mali-T720 MP2 GPU, this model allows us to correctly move most Android titles without performance problems and good compatibility. The games with a high 3D load also move quite well and this GPU allows us to play them correctly in low or medium settings.

Compatibility: IS possible to play demanding titles such as PUBG with a little frameskip.

Controls: Compatible with Gamepads by cable or bluetooth.


Video and audio connections

In the multimedia side the H96 mini H6 behaves perfectly using the Allwinner H6 SoC a product that has video output support for HDMI 2.0a that allows maximum resolution up to 4K@60fps, 6K*4K@30FPS with HDR information. We also have AV jack and stereo audio jack.

In this SoC we verify that we have image quality settings with brightness, contrast and saturation, we also have several preconfigured quality and image modes. To modify these settings we must change them in the native player and the effects will be applied to all players either MX Player or KODI.

Automatic refresh rate change: Not available, the settings exist but it does not work. *

Audio passthrough: Available in audio settings. *

Image adjustments: Image quality settings available / RGB mode / HDR <> SDR modes. *

Media sharing: Chromecast NO / Miracast yes / DLNA with BlubblePnP / Airplay yes.

HDMI CEC: NO available in settings.

H96 mini H6 Opinion

After review the H96 mini H6 we can say that we are facing a correct model and the Allwinner H6 SoC brings us interesting improvements in several facets. This TV Box has USB 3.0 connector and interesting video decoding hardware that gives us good image quality using the native player. The system moves correctly thanks to the 4GB of DDR4 RAM and 128GB ROM and the firmware seems worked well thanks to H96 that improves on the basics UI we find in other similar models.

In the H96 MINI H6 we have two antennas for the Wifi ac adapter that despite offering a stable signal, that they do give us a very high peak speed, other hardware components such as the remote control or internal storage remain at a basic level. This model at least has a firmware with navigation bars something that is appreciated for not having compatibility problems, we have not noticed closures of apps or problems in the settings.

We found that these tv boxes will have new appearance every year. If it is not a fever-level user, this H96 mini H6 with Allwinner H6 is worth having.

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  • Delene

    We bought the H96 mini tv box with Netflix installed. We cannot scroll down on the home screen. Please help

  • Harald

    All H96 mini H6 having the same Ethernet MAC address. So you can't use two or more H96 mini H6 in the same network. This is a show stopper for us to use this box.

  • Harald

    Hello, Can I turn off HDMI usage, so that if the monitor is going in standby mode the the H96 mini H6 isn't turning off. Thx, Harald

  • pedro

    H96 mini 128gb / 4gb ram Can not run LenoxMP apk and Iptv smaters apk I do not have OTA update app Please any update Thank you very much

  • Leslie Wells

    This model is certified by Google, but can meet most of my needs.

  • David

    Is this 6k H96 mini H6 tv box android tv media box is it google certified

  • Reynard

    Is this device Google certified? I have used many TV boxes that claim to do all these wonderful things then are not Google certified and apps like Netflix start behaving weird and dont play.

  • Carol

    For now i have nothing to say,but base on what i read on H96 Mini features..I i am eager to have it..Thanks for the information of H96 mini..

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