H96MAX X2 Google Voice Edition Android 8.1 Smart TV Box Upgrade! ! !

H96MAX X2 Google Voice Edition Android 8.1 Smart TV Box Upgrade! ! !

H96 MAX S905 X2 android tv box

Product introduction: In order to meet the needs of consumers, we launched the H96MAX X2 Google Voice Control Edition on the basis of the regular version. This is a series of upgrades to achieve a good customer experience. You can choose a more convenient and fast way to get any program you want to watch. The most cost-effective TV box, with Google voice operation, is impeccable. For this reason, we have achieved voice function in 2+16GB, 4+32GB, 4+64GB, and can choose from multiple directions.

feature of product:
1. Google Voice Control? ? Really unexpected
We add voice features on the basis of the standard version. Just board Google and the box will become a good friend with you! Tell it what you want to see, it will jump out of the channel you want! Easy and easy, whether it is children or the elderly. You said it well, we can do it!

H96 MAX android 8.1 smart tv box

2.H96max x2 Google Voice version, using Android 8.1 system, Android's latest system, with voice version of the TV box, in terms of performance has improved your unimaginable beyond! Really is the ultimate!

H96 MAX X2 OS android8.1 set top box

3.H96MAX X2 Google Voice Edition With LPDDR4, a new generation of low-power memory standard, LPDDR4 can bring up to 50% performance improvement compared with LPDDR3!

H96 MAX best android stream tv box S905 x2

H96MAX X2 Google Voice Edition With HDMI2.1, significant improvements, HDMI2.0 broadband is 18Gbps, while HDMI2.1 achieves a stunning 48Gbps, high-end TV box is worthy of your noble!

H96 MAX NEWST ANDROID8.1 stream ott box

4.Do you think this is enough? No no no, don't give up on the pursuit of good, we still have?

-2.4G/5GWiFi gives you a double experience, whether it is HD video or 4K video, we can satisfy you.

- Low-power Bluetooth 4.0, connecting a variety of Bluetooth devices, making home into a home theater is also a piece of cake!

-USB3.0 must not be less! Don't ask why, USB3.0 transmission speed reaches 5Gbps, improve the transmission speed, while saving you energy, we are helping you.

H96 MAX OS 8.1 ultra hd TV BOX FOR s905 x2


H96MAX X2 mirror black, polished arc surface to reduce visual impact, enhance the overall beauty of the product, coupled with a sophisticated remote control, is simply integrated into one, the most value of the partner, you are determined not to heart?

Best price voice command remote control h96 pro tv box amlogic s905 x2

Product Usage:

1. I want to see it - 4K HD movies, 3D movies, Earth games, pop music, what are you waiting for?

2. If you want to play, just play - play a happy game, the phone is not big enough? ! You are worse than a H96max x2!

3. Easy to use, connect and use (connected to WiFi or network cable connection, new and old TV all authorized! To be satisfied with you, we can rest assured)

4.Certification is very important! Still worried about the safety of use? Good creative technology to help you solve doubts, certification is complete, the official website can check, any product is worthy of your trust, in the smart TV box, we are not kidding, remember to give us praise!

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