Custom rom S905X3 smart android tv box

Custom rom S905X3 smart android tv box

In the home entertainment Smart tv box industry, Amlogic released a new S90X3 PCU in 2019. Maybe we will find S905X, S905X2, and now S905X3 still uses S905X. Why? In fact, it is very simple, Amlogic's S905X is being upgraded, and S905X3 is an upgraded version of S905X2.

custom best price s905x3 smart android tv box

    Why Amlogic is eager to launch s905x3, I think because rockchip launched rk3318 very early today, a low-cost 4+64GB Android tv box, as a fan of Amlogic tv box, I have been looking forward to product updates, every update Can bring some new changes. We still remember the heat dissipation of the S905X2, its low-power processor, the box will not be hot for a day.

OEM S905X3 android tv box

    We have some loyal wholesalers of amlogic tv box. We have consulted us early on whether we have a new amlogic CPU tv box. I am very grateful to our partner Amlogic for notifying us every time we update the chip. We will immediately Arrange the design and then tell our customers the first time to get the first promotion in the market. This time S905X3 smart android tv box, we still do, currently in the design, collect some user and customer suggestions, make some changes in appearance, of course, we also received some customer logo customization needs in advance, as long as As soon as our design comes out, they will confirm the quantity immediately.

ODM s905x3 android tv box

   It turns out that companies with factory strength will release a number of new products every year, and we will cooperate with the latest chip information released by Amlogic or Rockchip. Some loyal customers will get our first time support. Will you be the next partner? Join us and let us work together for the smart Android tv box project.

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  • Thomas Lemmons

    I am looking for a box (form factor reasonably small as possible) to create a mini version of my product that plugs into a standard TV via hdmi. The device needs to run either android or linux and be customizable to run my application as the single. No other applications are needed or wanted. I know there are alot more details needed but at first check, is this something that you platform can support and can you have a representative contact me. Thanks Tom

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