ROM 128GB Android tv box not the biggest

ROM 128GB Android tv box not the biggest

The best price wholesale big ROM 128GB android tv box from H96 factory, H96 mini h6 uses Allwinner H6 quad core Cortex A53 processor, the previous Allwinner H6 does not have ROM 128GB configuration, after 2019 upgrade, provides 4+128GB configuration.
H96 mini h6 128GB smart tv box

What is the use of 128GB of storage? Some people think that there is no need for such a large amount of memory. You don't need such a large storage to see your personal needs. Apple's mobile phone has been released from 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB. Do you think it is useless? Our family can store photos of our mobile phones, video screens, and USB drive to the Android tv box. On our birthday, when we celebrate, we celebrate the beautiful past together when we celebrate the festival. This is one of the reasons why you need large storage.

128GB can install a lot of apps, you can also download more movies, you can still enjoy audio and video without the network.

We need to learn to use these spaces instead of doubting what it is for, and the technology of the future will become more developed and faster. We must learn to try new things. ROM 128GB Android tv box may be the largest storage in 2019, but there will be more storage in the future.
Big-ROM 128GB Android tv box for Allwinner H6

H96 mini H6 Android 9.0 tv box Allwinner H6 is a new quad core Cortex A53 processor dedicated for 4K set-top boxes. It supports [email protected] ultra-HD video decoding and low-latency H.264 4K encoding and support 6K video. There is also supports for HDR10 and HLG HDR,integrated Smartcolor 3.0 display system which is developed independently by Allwinner Technology. Dolby and DTS audio processing can also be done on this processor. The H6 will set the industry benchmark in terms of streaming compatibility, video smoothness and picture quality. It will also be compatible with various kinds of peripheral devices, and provides customers with flexible and mature solution.

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