RK3229 chip first test on the whole network, open its own theater!

RK3229 chip first test on the whole network, open its own theater!

With the rapid development of TV boxes, various types of boxes have appeared on the market, some of which are mainly hard-wired configurations, and some have rich content as the core, but the content is more in line with the user's taste, that is a good box. What else do you need? This is the focus of today, good creative technology has also caught up with the pace, H96 smart TV box, new chip RK3229, local playback to 4K@60fps super support! In other words, with it, your movie resources are free to put, nonsense is not much to say, let us take a look at this artifact called "Give you a movie theater of your own"!

H96 ProOS8.1 quad core tv box

Introducing this chip that supports the ultra-high-definition Blu-ray standard from Ruixin Micro RK3229. Overall, the performance positioning mid-end is mainly used for IPTV/OTT set-top box products. It adopts 28-nanometer process and has quad-core Cortex-A7. The clock speed is up to 1.5GHz, supports 4K 10Bit H.264/h.265 decoding, supports 4K 60fps TV display, and is also supported for HDR movies in subsequent tests, so it is also included in the ultra-high definition Blu-ray line. Look at the specific parameters of this box.

[4K 60fps HD playback]

The launch of 4K Ultra HD channel brings a new wave of audio-visual feast - 4 times the resolution of 1080P HD signal, more detailed image details, better contrast of light and dark contrast, immersive immersive sound, sound and effect Good, comparable to the theater.

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[H. 265 decoding]

As the biggest contributor to the global 1080p video popularity, h.264 cannot continue to popularize 4K video around the world due to its low compression ratio. Therefore, we choose H.265!

Definition of the H.265 codec:

1. At the same visual quality level, the H.265 codec enables video to be compressed to approximately half of H.264 (or half the bit rate) of the file.

2. H.265 provides better visual quality when compressing the same file size as H.264.

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[memory display]

H96 RK3229 is the main price/performance ratio. 2G+16G memory, some of the mainstream features, the important is the system is pure, with the Android system, simple and practical, user-friendly operation, UI interactive interface is very simple, no need to click multiple times, the cost is very low, suitable for the home Used by all ages. After exiting the software application, the background will be automatically cleaned up, which will ensure that the system has enough running memory at any time.

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[Application Download]

Do not underestimate it, compatible with all Android software, the system comes with watching TV software, we need to understand!

Watching videos, listening to music, and playing games are all compatible.

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[System Management and Voice Matching]

H96 RK3229, on the basis of cost performance, with Android 8.1 system, instantly put a simple box on the high-end, in the 2018 TV box, H96 RK3229 can be upgraded to this level on the system, must be the most for customers The advantage of the practice, in order to meet the needs of customers, we use voice recognition technology, let you easily understand it, and cut into this seemingly ordinary box, experience a different taste.

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[interface and connection]

1.4 USB ports, enough for a family! You can download both while uploading, improving efficiency and saving you time.

2. SPDIF audio transmission interface, the sound signal is output to the outside through the fiber optic cable has reached the customer's needs!

3. AV interface, designed for the old TV, let you see the highest clear TV at the least cost! The HD interface is designed for smart TVs. Just connect HD channels and watch HD video.

4. At the same time, we also have a network port. When the WIFi is not connected, connecting the network cable is also a good choice.

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[Benefit summary]

1. Small and exquisite appearance with many ports to meet different needs;

2. Simple interface, simple operation, suitable for a wide range of groups;

3. Android 8.1 system, let you buy high-performance products at low prices

4. The biggest highlight is the ability to play and decode locally. For 4K, H.265.3D, etc.

The point that the user is very concerned about has been improved.

5. Cost-effective, value-for-money, which is a very affordable box on the market.

It can also be used together with a voice remote control.

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