4 reasons why Android tv box slow reaction

Four reasons for the TV box Slow reaction

1, the network set-top box is generally equipped with an Android operating system, just like an Android smartphone. With more and more software installed, the content of the installed content is more and more abundant, and the operation of the box will definitely appear to be stuck. It is easy for people familiar with electronic equipment to understand this.

2, the hardware is increasingly unable to keep up with demand. When purchasing a TV box, the configuration of the network set-top box hardware is only primary, but as the system is upgraded and the functions are increased, the old hardware needs more time to load the content, and the network set-top box will be more and more used. .

3, network set-top boxes and Android smart phones have many self-starting projects, perhaps not too much attention when installing the application, but it is the software that runs quietly in the background, which is the reason why the more used cards are used.

4, Android-based operating system is different, can be experienced on different Android smart phones, especially on the box. Since the optimization of many systems is not well done, the more the TV sets are used, the further impact on the use of the box.

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