Solve the problem that Android tv box is slow

Solve the problem that Android tv box is slow

I believe that many friends will have such a similar doubt when using smart TVs and TV boxes: "The more intelligent TVs and TV boxes are used, the slower they are used?" H96 tv box summarizes the reason why the Android system card is caused by 5 points, and it can definitely solve your TV and box problem!

First, the TV and box system cache files are more

Many users use Android TV, software in the box, even if they have returned and quit the software, but some devices, the system information shows that the software still runs again; and some users simply press the Home button to exit, After such a long operation, a large amount of cached content will be generated in the TV and the box, causing our TV and the box to react slowly!


When we want to quit the software, we must remember to opt out, do not press the Home button to return, and install a system optimization software on the TV, box, use them to regularly clean our Android devices, so that we The Android TV and the slow response of the box will be solved. The system optimization software has a one-click cleaning function, which can help us clean up the cache garbage in the TV and box system and close the background running program, so as to ensure the smoothness of the use of TV and box, and the system response speed. Naturally it will be faster and less stuck.

Second, the compatibility of TV and box system software

Nowadays, more and more functional software on the market has more and more requirements for the TV box system, and our low version of the Android system is not very compatible with these softwares, which will also cause our Android box to react slowly.


We need to upgrade the device system, and the higher version of the device system is more compatible with the software.

Third, too many boot items

Some software installed by Android users on TVs and boxes have the function of booting up. These softwares not only take up the speed of the user's booting, but also occupy the memory of the TV and the box. This will also cause the Android TV and the box to react slowly.


Use optimization software to prohibit third-party software from booting automatically. Because there is no prohibited function in the functions of the Android device system, we need to borrow third-party software to operate. Of course, the premise is that the TV and the box need to be rooted. You can download the one-click root tool to root the smart TV and TV box.

Fourth, various TV end APK installation too much, taking up a lot of memory

The functions of the smart TV and TV box can only be used to the maximum extent when the third-party APK is installed. However, because of the limited memory, many users have unlimited installation of the APK, and the memory of the TV and the box is not full. As the smart TV and TV boxes don't have enough running space to run these software, the system will become very card.


When choosing an Android tv box, we don't choose an Android box with advertising capabilities, and then uninstall the APK that is not used often.

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    My H96 max device has got 1-2 Mb/s downloading speed. The laptop next to this device reach 50-60 Mb/s downloading speed. What can I do to fix H96 problem?

  • Surjeet Singh

    I install launcher app on h96 max I think I have change some setting and now only show h96 logo screen and nothing to show on screen how to solve issue somebody help me

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