Android tv box Youtube can not use the announcement

Android tv box Youtube can not use the announcement

In September 2019, Android tv box prompts to update Youtube. After the update, Android tv box can't use YouTube properly.


Cannot be used after YouTube upgrade with android tv box

The solution of youtube can't play,

1.if you have updated youtube version already ,please reset the tv box and download our new youtube version ,

2.if not update yet , please keep it as it is.

We are testing YouTube's APK, you can uninstall the latest version of YouTube directly, install the version we provide, and you will be able to resume normal use.

How to restore the H96 Brand Android TV box to its original state?

tv box youtube Steps 1

1. Find the "Settings" button on the home page and click to enter

WiFi tv box youtube Steps 2

2. Go to the "Device Preferences" button and select the"Reset" button

set top box youtube Steps 3

3. Finally, click the "Erase everything" button to complete the operation

android tv box youtube Steps 4

4.Conclusion:Setting-Device Preferences-Reset-Erase everything.

smart tv box youtube Steps 5

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