Smart android tv box trend in 2020

Smart android tv box trend in 2020

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Today we are discussing the topic of the 2020 Smart Android tv box. With the development of electronic technology, many new technologies attracting attention every year. As a necessary home appliance in people's daily life, the new technology will attract people's attention. So here, I want to ask you a question, would you choose a TV with a system? Or buy a very good display and then configure a high-end tv box?

best Android tv box h96 mini rk3228a in 2020

   Perhaps at the beginning, the people were attracted by new technology and purchased smart TVs with their own systems, which cost them a lot. But with the advancement of technology, we found that choosing a good display TV and then choosing a good Android tv box is much better than the one. TVs may not need to be replaced after 5 years of use, but you will find that smart TV opportunities are getting slower and slower, watching movies are getting less and less smooth, and it brings a lot of trouble to your mood.

Smart android tv box trend in 2020

 I am talking about these and I recommend Android tv box, which is better than choosing a smart TV. When we watch TV, there will be 480P, 720P, 1080I/1080P. Now 4K technology is mature, 6K is already on sale, but it is not very good. I guess it is only a transitional stage, as long as it is 8K technology in the future. Back to the topic, why do we have to say this, what is the relationship with the Android tv box? Yes, it is related, you not only have to have a good display player, but also a good TV box, an excellent tv box CPU video decoding capability, and RAM determines the loading speed, which determines a TV. BOX performance. Currently mainstream in the market are Rockchip's CPU, and Amlogic's CPU. Both of them have similar quality, and each time a new chip is released, there will be many new Android tv box models. For example, Rockchip's high-end chip has RK3399, which is expensive, performance is really good, supports most games, and is very smooth. RK3328, the mainstream products in the market, the performance is general, as long as you don't play big games, watch movies and learn, you can satisfy, the decoding ability is only 4K, and it is not real 4K. Understand the general understanding of technology. The RK3318 released in 2019 belongs to the low-end market, but it is much better than the 2016 products, and the price is very cheap, so most people bought this model, which also feedback that most of the TV sets used in the home are old. Model (TV has a long life). Then the future will definitely be replaced by a new TV set. If this is the only thing in 2019, then you are wrong. In 2019, an optimized version of the rk3328 was introduced, which was named rk3328a. It belongs to the low-end market and has a high cost performance. It is suitable for families who have not changed their TV sets.

4K and 8K smart tv trend

  If you switch to a new TV, we recommend to buy allwinner h6, which supports 6K@30fps and 4K*2K@30fps. In other words, in addition to the high-end market, this product meets the video requirements of most TV sets. But the recommended S905X2, although this CPU does not support 6K, but its cooling performance is very good, playing games have a better advantage. And the S922X launched in 2019 is a high-end product, and some companies in the market have launched the 8K Android tv box. But I think this is only a small number of people to buy, the current 8K is only the future trend. Just as Apple released the iPhone 11 in 2019, it does not support 5G, because 5G technology is still not popular. Just a trend.

   Summary : H96 tv box company has released Android tv box, only 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM at that time, and now our technology is accumulating more and more. In 2020, we will follow the trend of the market to update our products and let users experience better products and services. . In the future the screen is as thin as a piece of paper, but there will definitely be a system, maybe the Android tv box integrates all the features.

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