H96 MINI+ S905W quad-core network set-top box HD charm, interactive interpretation

H96 MINI+ S905W quad-core network set-top box HD charm, interactive interpretation

H96 mini plus android tv box

Product Name: H96 mini plus S905W 2+16 Operating System: Android 7.1 smart tv box

Interface type: TV, coaxial, USB, AV, TV interface, HDMI, video, audio, WIFI

The H96 mini+ uses the Amlogic S905W quad-core chip to host hard decoding of mainstream format video, supporting 4K and 3D. S905W android 7.1 smart tv box is Amlogic's latest chip with home audio and video solutions. It is customized based on S905, powerful, affordable, and has various patent certificates.

H96 mini plus android 7.1 smart tv box

4K Ultra HD set-top box refers to the network TV set-top box android 7.1 smart tv box that supports 4K decoding. 4K refers to 4K resolution, which is 4096×2160 pixel resolution. It is 4 times of 2K projector and HDTV resolution. It belongs to ultra HD resolution. At this resolution, the viewer will be able to see the picture. Every detail, every close-up, in addition to the significant improvement in resolution, 4K has changes in frame rate, color depth, color space, etc.; 4K*2KP60 decoding ability, able to decode ultra-high definition with maximum resolution of 3840*2160 video. Compared with the traditional HD network set-top box, the 4K set-top box can give the user a more delicate and realistic picture quality experience, which can greatly enhance the user's perception and experience, and let the world see more clearly.

H96 mini plus OS android7.1 set top box

The screen-shifting function is one of the important functions of the network TV set-top boxandroid 7.1 smart tv box . The screen-shifting technology includes DLNA, AirPlay, Miracast, WiPlug and some proprietary screen-transfer protocols. The screen-shifting function has broad application prospects in the fields of home entertainment and business office. The full name of DLNA is the Digital Living Network Alliance, which solves the interconnection of wireless networks and wired networks, including personal PCs, consumer electronics, and mobile devices, enabling digital media and content services to be shared.

H96 mini plus best android stream tv box

H96 mini+ adopts S905W quad-core processor, A53 architecture, CPU mainstream up to 2.0GHZ, and equipped with customized version of 5-core GPU graphics processor, outstanding image capabilities, running native Android 7.1 system, system development is good.

H96 mini plus NEWST ANDROID7.1 stream ott box

The H96 MINI+ network set-top box fully supports advanced 4K UHD content with a powerful 64-bit CPU and Mali-450 five-core GPU combination that can handle 4K graphics and deliver realistic, lifelike images. Based on the Android 7.1 operating system, it features high speed and smoothness, designed to turn your regular TV into a smart TV. With 2GB of RAM and eMMC 16GB of flash memory, it has an edge in performance, security and reliability thanks to eMMC memory and ultimately a richer end-user experience. H96 mini+ 4K color adjustment points are more, accurate reproduction of rich colors, the image is more beautiful and beautiful.

H96 mini plus OS 7.1 ultra hd TV BOX

We can install various application software on the mobile phone, watch video, play Weibo, WeChat, etc. As the H96 mini+ with operating system, of course, it can be used directly as an enlarged mobile phone. The game is no exception, and customers can download the game themselves. The high-definition picture quality gives you an immersive feeling. Our set-top box hardware technology is very mature. For the strong compatibility and scalability of the set-top box, it can be realized through firmware upgrade.

H96 mini plus 7.1OS quad core smart tv box

H96 mini + Hua is not extravagant, simple and extraordinary! Enjoy the HD world, delight you and me, interact with you and share the wonderful future.

H96 mini plusOS7.1 quad core tv box

High-definition digital TV, the first choice for high quality life

H96 mini plus android quad core set top box

H96 mini plus android 7.1 quad core ott box

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