Android os smart tv box wifi connection Vs Ethernet

Android os smart tv box wifi connection Vs Ethernet

When using Android OS smart tv box to watch TV, the speed of wifi and the speed of Ethernet are determined by the bandwidth. Wifi and Ethernet speeds should be the same. However, Ethernet Internet access is more stable. Our suggestion is that, as the data transmitted on the screen is very large, try to use the Ethernet link android OS smart tv box as much as possible. Next we briefly introduce the faster speed of WiFi and Ethernet.

Many homes now have network cables and WiFi installed. Generally, computers and TVs are connected to Ethernet. Mobile devices, such as mobile phones, are connected to WiFi. Under the same router, which one is faster? What's the difference between the two connection methods without considering the difference in performance between the computer and the mobile device? It's faster to connect wired and WiFi under the same router!
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1: For connecting a network cable, the device must have a network cable interface, commonly known as a network port. Only use the network port to connect to the network! For wireless WiFi, as long as the optical cat network port is properly connected, routers, computers, televisions, mobile phones, tablets and other mobile terminals can be connected to WiFi as long as there is a wireless network card! Relatively wired, wireless WiFi is more flexible and convenient! The network speed is determined by the household's broadband rate and the optical cat and router. It has nothing to do with wired and WiFi! But for WiFi, it will be affected by external relations and cause the speed to drop!

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2: Difference in signal interference; Most of them are that when you use the WiFi to connect to the Internet, you use 2.4GHz wireless waves. The number of transmitting and receiving models in the same frequency band around us is much higher, which can directly cause our WiFi network speed to drop and make our experience worse. !! The devices that can directly affect our phones are mobile phones, wireless Bluetooth headsets, and microwave ovens. Other appliances can affect WiFi! The routers around us can also affect our routers. Compared to network cables, electromagnetic waves will not cause problems. The network cable is relatively insulated and has a sheath for pit interference protection! Can be very good, resist electromagnetic interference!
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3: The difference between signal attenuation ;: For WiFi, if it encounters a load-bearing wall, the obstacle will cause the signal to weaken, and if it encounters metal, it will reflect! When we are far away from the router, it will also affect the WiFi experience, and the distance of electromagnetic waves emitted by routers of different powers is not the same! It is recommended that you place the router in an open or high position, which can effectively reduce the obstruction of obstacles. If the room is placed in the center of the room with a large amount of energy, this can effectively reduce WiFi blind spots!
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4: When selecting a network cable; The length of the network cable should be less than 50 meters as much as possible. If the network cable is too long, the loss will affect the network transmission delay, the computer will be slower, and our network speed will become unstable and unstable! Energizers are purchased at regular stores when buying network cables. You can fold the network cable when buying to see the softness of the network cable. If the network cable is soft, it means that the copper wire of the network cable is thin and the quality is not very good. If the network cable is hard, it means that the copper wire is thick. The quality of this network cable is better! When you buy, you can ask about it. Be sure to buy a Category 5 or above network cable so that the network cable can transmit Gigabit! Under the guarantee of the quality of the network cable, when we install it, the layout of the network cable is as simple and neat as possible. This will allow good transmission!
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5: When buying a router, We have to choose a regular brand, and the wired network port on the parameter must support Gigabit transmission. If the router's network port does not support Gigabit when we buy a router, the speed we can handle can only reach 100 Mbps. At the same time, WiFi also needs to support Gigabit, so as to achieve the highest WiFi speed transmission! Connect WiFi Energizer and choose to connect to the 5GHZ band.
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6: How to choose wired and wireless WiFi WiFi can be used in situations where the substantive need is low, such as chatting on WeChat, shopping online, and flashing videos. WiFi can meet our normal needs! It is recommended to use a wired network when we have substantial requirements. For example, for more frequent interactions and large-scale online games, we can use wired networks! In fact, the speed of wired and wireless still depends on the broadband's own network speed and environmental equipment. If the router is installed reasonably, the setting is professional. There is not much difference between wireless and wired speeds.

Summary: If the above problems are not solved, and your android OS smart tv box wifi link problem is still not solved, then check the problem according to our tv box FAQ, if it is still not resolved, or contact your seller first, if it is our H96 You can contact us directly.

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