Best 3 android tv box models sold by H96 in 2019

Best 3 android tv box models sold by H96 in 2019

Advantages of a Having the Best H96 Android TV Box

  • They work like Smartphones with user-friendly interfaces.
  • Generally compact and portable, easy to set up and operate using its remote control or keyboard.
  • Can easily access internet using Ethernet cable or go wireless (Wi-Fi) thru a router or an LTE modem.
  • You can share songs, videos or photos to other people and watch live streams like sports on TV.
  • It allows you to stream and watch 1080p HD (high definition) to 4K UHD (ultra high definition) videos and TV programs or play games on your digital TV.
  • Allows you to download apps from Google Play Store or other sites, run the programs and use your TV as your viewing and playing media.
  • Has a built-in storage to save your data and apps with minimum of 8 GB.
  • Most are featured with USB ports and memory card slots to save your data and apps.
  • It can be a good replacement to your cable as it offers a wider availability of movies and TV programs including sports channels.
  • You can run Facebook and other networking sites on a larger screen.

In order to help you find the most suitable android TV box in H96, we not only recommend the best products sold by our customers, but also recommend our customers to give you the best reviews. Of course, everything is the most affordable android TV box brand.

Top 3 H96 Best Android TV Boxes

Number one:

The winner is the 2GB / 16GB rk3318 android tv box. Do you remember the H96 max RK3318 released in 2019? The look is a bit of a combination of magic purple and dreamy blue. This model is undoubtedly the best-selling Android tv box in 2019. It is equipped with android 9.0 OS, configured with 2GB / 16GB, 4GB / 32GB, 4GB / 64GB. H96 max RK3318 customers like customized services, If you want to learn more about its configuration, click the picture to reach link.

best 3 android tv box rk3318

Number Two:

The model we have almost no after-sales complaints is H96 MINI H6. The appearance color of this model may not be liked by customers, but its quality is the most satisfied model for customers, and it currently ranks 4th in sales. The customer's favorite configuration is 4 + 128GB, but the best-selling configuration is 4 + 32GB. This model customers do not like customization.

Best-sales H6 6K android tv box

Number Three:

Amlogic's android tv box, our best selling in 2019 is S905X2, H96 max x2 android tv box ranked second in sales, although customer quality feedback is not the best, but there are almost no after-sales problems, the most is firmware upgrade, because S905X2 is in 2018 The year was android 8.1, and then the firmware android 9.0 was upgraded in 2019. We used to customize an OTA service for our agents. The unit price is relatively high, so the sales are similar to the first place.

best 3 android tv box s905x2

If you say which model is the most searched for H96 android tv box? Then it must be H96 max plus, our H96 max series rk3328 is the most sold, and it is still the third most sold in 2019. The H96 max + rk3328 android tv box is also upgraded from android 8.1 to android 9.0, because this price is relatively cheaper than other models It is a bit high, so many users choose the cheap one. Our data shows that the current use of android tv box is generally used with old TVs, so more cheap android tv box is chosen. The TV has a long life span, and people have feelings for it, so choosing to buy an android tv box is the best companion for the TV, turning ordinary TV into smart TV.

Top Best 3 android tv box rk3328

Summary: 2019 is about to pass, we thank our H96 android tv box users, we thank our agents, and thank you for your feedback in the past. Maybe some customers are not satisfied with our service, but we will continue to work hard to improve our products. Let's make our service better and better. If you can read here, we will tell you some new products we will release in 2020, such as Rockchip's RK3368, RK3530, the system will be updated to android 10, and our rk3318 will also be updated to android 10, these Our engineers are working hard. The current mold feedback of amlogic s922x, our customer survey, customers do not like it, so in improving, S905X3 is also actively testing. RK3228a is our new product, we are a low-priced product based on the MXQ user group. Customized user consultation is welcome.

2020 best android tv box rk3228a

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