Kodi FAQ for Android smart tv box

Kodi FAQ for Android smart tv box

Kodi FAQ

Is Kodi Illegal?

No. Kodi by itself is perfectly legal. Where it gets into a legal grey area is how you access the movies and TV shows on Kodi. Kodi was designed to play your own media files that you’ve ripped from DVD’s or Blu-Ray discs. With third-party addons, you can stream content from various sites on the Internet.

Here’s where the grey area starts. Many addons will allow you to access content for free that you’d otherwise have to pay for. This can be movies that are still in the theatres or subscription content like HBO’s Game of Thrones or PPV Sports Events.

Right now, the laws haven’t caught up to the technology. Streaming content that you’d normally pay for hasn’t yet been deemed illegal, but it’s only a matter of time.

Illegal or not, piracy will always be around. If Kodi becomes too hard to get free content, then something else will rise up and take it’s place.

What content can I stream from Kodi?

When you install Kodi, it’s essentially a clean slate. You can put whatever you want on it. Personally, I have all of my movies and TV shows that I’ve ripped from DVD’s and Blu-ray discs. There’s also some streaming content that I access using various addons.

Do I need a VPN with Kodi?

I HIGHLY recommend one. With the legal swirl around Kodi and piracy right now, it’s a good idea to keep yourself safe. For more details, check out my article on Do I need VPN for Kodi?

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