H96 Max Android TV BOX which can support Type-C

H96 Max Android TV BOX which can support Type-C

On April 14, Rockchip Micro Rockchip released the new flagship processor of RK3399 at the Hong Kong Electronics Show. The chip has two characteristics of high performance and high expansion application. It can be applied not only to 2in1 tablet computers, but also to the technical advantages of VR and game box products. Rockchip Micro Rockchip has positioned it as a "all-round" chip, and as one of the giants of the OTT box chip, the chip has a great focus on the upgrade and technical support of the game box.

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The H96 MAX RK3399 is a monster in both CPU and GPU. The CPU adopts big.LITTLE size core architecture, dual Cortex-A72 large core + four Cortex-A53 small core structure, which greatly optimizes integer, floating point, memory, etc., in terms of overall performance, power consumption and core area. Revolutionary improvement. The GPU adopts the quad-core ARM next-generation high-end image processor Mali-T860, which integrates more bandwidth compression technologies: such as intelligent overlay, ASTC, local pixel storage, etc. It also supports more graphics and computing interfaces, and the overall performance is improved compared with the previous generation. 45%.

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From the core system diagram of Rockchip RK Rockchip RK3399, the open interface is extremely rich and has six product advantages:

1. Integrated dual USB3.0 Type-C interface, Type-C Display Port audio and video output.

2, MIPI / eDP interface, support 2560 × 1600 screen display and dual screen display.

3, HDMI2.0 interface, H.265/H.264/VP9 4K@60fps HD video decoding and display.

4, built-in PCI-e interface, support PCI-e-based high-speed Wi-Fi and storage expansion;

5, dual ISP pixel processing capacity up to 800MPix / s, support for 3D video.

6, compatible with Android, Linux and other operating systems.

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Although these capabilities are advertised as "high-end" capabilities by similar solution chip solutions, this is not the point for RK3399. It is very important that the Type-C interface, built-in PCI-e interface, and dual camera support gesture recognition. This experience of game box products will be subversive.

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The RK3399 integrates dual USB 3.0 Type-C with a maximum transfer rate of 10Gbps per second and bidirectional power support for double-sided insertion. This doubles stability and speed for connecting TV devices with Type-C interfaces. The solution's support for the PCI-e interface makes it possible to use higher speed Wi-Fi and larger capacity and higher speed storage devices on the game box.

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This machine has a TYPE C interface. Type-C is a connection interface for USB interface. It can be inserted in both front and back. The size is about 8.3mm×2.5mm. It supports USB standard charging, data transmission, video and Audio display output and other functions. Type-C was developed by the USB Implementers Forum and became popular after being supported by vendors such as Apple, Google, Intel, and Microsoft in 2014. In the field of TV BOX, H96Max achieves its perfect interpretation.

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to sum up:

H96 MAX set-top box uses RK3399 chip, positioned in high-end products, its performance is strong, decoding ability is comprehensive, it is necessary to smash eight-core S912 and RK3368 several streets, it can be seen that its performance!

4G running memory, 32G internal storage, is the highest configuration in the current box market, and it is not a problem to use the card for several years. The functional interface is even more impeccable:

1, RJ45 Gigabit network interface, USB3.0 interface, optical audio interface, HDMI2.0a interface, type-c interface, dual-band wifi with Bluetooth, are quite practical!

2, the system is equipped with Android 7.12 version of the original ecosystem, completely unrestricted, the same as the computer is free and convenient to use, do not worry about being checked, not to worry about quality and brick.

3, the software has built-in some foreign high-quality software, you can also download and install freely in the application market, the conscience can be described as a real name!

4, it is worth mentioning that H96 MAX not only has strong audio and video capabilities, playing games is also a good hand, deeply loved by audiophiles! RK3399 chip +4GB memory, basically all kinds of Android mobile games, even the "king glory", "stimulus battlefield" and other high-demanding masterpieces, can also run smoothly with high efficiency.

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