2020 NCP affects android tv box manufacturing

2020 NCP affects android tv box manufacturing

Regarding Shenzhen HAOCHUANGYI Technology Co., Ltd., All the employees here sincerely apologize to all customers.

   Why is H96 android tv box delayed shipping? This is not just that our company has delayed shipments. Most factories in China are affected by NCP and delayed production. We originally planned to start work on February 3, 2020, so that most android tv box orders can be shipped on time. However, our actual shift time is February 18, 2020, and due to the influence of NCP, we cannot purchase materials in large quantities and send express delivery. So in fact we actually started shipping around February 23. Some customers made a lot of calls to us during this period, and sent a lot of emails to us. Until today, our emails have not been fully answered. We are sorry here. (The latest android tv box price in 2020)
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  Why do some customers order android tv box first? First of all, we arrange orders according to the order time. Some customers just ask for prices, but the actual order time is relatively late, or the order payment confirmed during our holiday, so we have arranged the production plan before the holiday, and Orders for android tv boxes that cannot be received during the holiday season will be arranged immediately. Affected by NCP, production efficiency cannot be improved, and we are sorry again here. We currently owe at least 100,000 android tv boxes to customers (excluding customers who are still inquiring), and we are hiring a large number of production staff and technicians.(The latest android tv box price in 2020)

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  Why does the price of android tv box rise? According to past experience, after the Spring Festival in China is the procurement season, and Chinese factories lack staff to work at this time, productivity cannot be restored immediately, resulting in shortage of goods, and the price of a shortage of goods will certainly rise. Of course we will have inventory, and customers who have already placed orders can continue to enjoy the original price. The impact of the NCP this time caused purchasing difficulties, and workers could not go to work on time, which triggered a trend of rising prices. But in the future the price will come down, and we will inform the customer at the specific time.(The latest android tv box price in 2020)

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  Regarding the impact of NCP, all our employees here wish our customers good health and a good body to work better, and also hope that our customers can understand our difficulties and work with us to overcome the difficulties.(The latest android tv box price in 2020)

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