Android TV BOX product with 4 GB memory-H96 MAX

Android TV BOX product with 4 GB memory-H96 MAX

As the domestic first-class TV box, VR chip solution provider, and also one of the few SoC IC design capabilities with Rockchip Micro Rockchip, launched a new upgraded RK3328 ultra-clear TV box: Rockchip RK3288 with excellent decoding The performance and graphics card configuration are very compatible with the box products of audio and video entertainment and main functions.

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Even more striking is that this product uses an amazing 4GB of memory. To know that the RAM used in box products is still at the level of 1GB, 2GB can be regarded as a higher configuration, and the good idea H96 Max uses 4GB of memory in one fell swoop. For devices that need to run for a long time, the large memory can provide a more stable and smooth experience. The disk space for storing multimedia files also reaches 64GB, and the memory configuration of this machine can be called the leader in the box product. Therefore, the author also has a little more expectation for its actual performance, and interested friends may wish to come together to understand.

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The design of the box is quite satisfactory. The front is made of hard-wearing and anti-wear PC color printing mirror technology. The visual smooth and high-gloss, bright and bright, and the surrounding is sandblasted.

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H96 Max+ RK3328 box expansion interface configuration is very comprehensive, the interface is distributed around the box, respectively: power interface, network cable interface, HDMI, AV interface, TF card slot and USB3.0/USB2.0 interface. Ordinary USB interface 2.0 generally has black inner boards, and USB 3.0 is blue, which is very eye-catching. These are the parts that are not available in many of the boxes on the market today, and the interface is very bright.

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The H96 MAX features a unified package design that is similar to previous products, including an HDMI output cable, power adapter, and a remote control that supports learning.

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In terms of configuration, the Rockchip RK3328 is an ultra-clear TV box. The processor uses a 64-bit A53 architecture quad-core processor with a maximum frequency of 1.5GHz. The GPU uses Mali-450MP2, which supports Android 8.1 and Linux OS. 4K60 frame video decoding, support for HDR10/HLG, HDR2SDR, in line with the latest Ultra HD premium standard.

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The UI interface of the Rockchip RK3328 solution box is very simple, the main functions are displayed in the obvious places, the alignment of the paving, the minimalist business style, the main functions: web browsing, social networking, music playback, video playback...

From the media (U disk, TF card, etc.), applications, settings, acceleration, etc. on the right, is listed as the next most important operation; at the bottom you can also add some of your own commonly used applications or functions, and build them.

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Rockchip Micro Rockchip RK3328 H96 Max+ tv box is equipped with USB3.0 interface. Compared with USB2.0, USB3.0 is three times faster than USB2.0, and the data transfer speed is faster. The USB3.0 and 100M network configurations have increased the transmission speed by nearly 3 times. While ensuring real-time and smooth transmission of 4K image quality, it also provides more possibilities for terminal devices using the RK3328 solution.

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Through many video comparison tests on 4K, different formats and different bit rates, the RK3328 box is the only TV box that can smoothly play all test videos, and during our test, the RK3328 switched video has smooth operation, no The appearance of Caton, in addition, it is worth mentioning that the RK3328 box supports 3D, sound effects, audio tracks, picture adjustment and other playback options.

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The smooth performance of the H96 MAX machine is satisfactory. The RK3328 high-performance CPU with 4GB of large memory provides an excellent hardware platform. It is a pity that the pre-installed applications and functions are relatively simple. However, the system that tends to be pure, for some users who like DIY software, is good news, that is, reserve more storage space to install your favorite software.

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