What is network TV box

What is network TV box

The network TV box, also called the smart TV box, is a device that connects the TV to the Internet. The TV is connected to the Internet through an Internet TV box to watch Internet TV programs. Network TV box, also known as TV box, is a necessary intelligent multimedia terminal in smart home. Internet TV boxes can be divided into three categories, one is Internet TV boxes that focus on shopping, the other is Internet TV boxes that target young people, and there are Internet TV boxes designed only for parents.


The mainstream brand represented by the Chinese-made H96 max smart TV box is equipped with the most widely used Android system (android) on the market to upgrade traditional TV sets to be intelligent and networked. Let the TV achieve the same functions as smartphones and tablets, and let the TV install and uninstall software, games and other applications by users to achieve "unlimited content and unlimited applications."

The following takes the mainstream h96 MAX S905X3 smart TV box on the market as an example to introduce the difference between the network TV box (smart TV box) and the traditional set-top box in detail:

1. Different network access

Simply put, the "Internet TV box" can be regarded as a "set-top box" for obtaining video programs through the Internet. That is to say, the common set-top box is connected to the coaxial cable and the cable TV network; and the E Lebao set-top box is connected to the network cable and the Internet; it can also be directly connected by wireless to discard the cumbersome network cable.

2. The main functions are different

The programs watched by traditional TV are fixed, cannot access the Internet, and cannot control TV programs according to consumers' own preferences. They do not have content and applications that can be loaded.

Connected to a network TV box (smart TV box) and connected to the Internet through a network cable or wireless WIFI, you can achieve web browsing, video movie playback, online chat, game entertainment, online movie and TV on your TV, and you can control TV programs according to your preferences. You can also install the application at will.

3. The content is different

From the perspective of program content, the ordinary set-top box receives various TV channels, and the TV box realizes various functions similar to the computer through the Internet, such as: watching movies and TV online, game entertainment, web browsing, Weibo, blog, sending and receiving Mail, online chat, etc.

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Network TV box The main function

It has a fully open platform and is equipped with the Android 9.0 operating system. Users can install and uninstall programs provided by third-party service providers such as software and games. Through continuous expansion of TV functions, you can use network cables, Wireless network to realize the functions of TV surfing, video playback, games, online education, online shopping and other functions. It should have at least the following functions:

1) Unlimited access to the Internet

2) You can download and install third-party applications

3) Can update Android system

4) Surf the Internet and watch TV in a small window

5) Smart input device, mobile phone can be used as a remote control

6) Ability to share and interact with other devices (computer, PAD, mobile phone)

Network TV box Turn screen function

The screen turning function is one of the important functions of the network TV box. The screen turning technology includes DLNA, AirPlay, Miracast and some private screen turning protocols. The screen turning function has a wide application prospect in the fields of home entertainment and business office. The full name of DLNA is Digital Living Network Alliance. Sony, Intel, Microsoft, Google, etc. were established to solve the interconnection of smart devices, so that digital media files can be transmitted and shared between different devices at will. AirPlay is a wireless sharing protocol developed by Apple, and AirPlay technology can be used to wirelessly transfer files between different iOS devices. Miracast is a wireless transmission protocol initiated by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Miracast users can enjoy browsing photos taken on smartphones on large-screen TVs, sharing notebook screens in real time through meeting room projectors, or watching home network TV set-top boxes on tablets Live show.

Many companies are researching and developing the screen-turning function of the network TV box. A good screen-turning experience requires not only hardware support, but also application software support on the mobile phone, network TV box, and smart TV. H96 is the best brand in the tv box one. H96 is like a key to magically turn on the function of smart TV, plug it into any large screen terminal with HDMI interface TV or projector, etc., simple and direct connection in 3 steps, easily change the ordinary high-definition TV at home into high-definition smart TV; It is also like a universal key to turn on the screen, you can transfer the video, photos, music playback screen on the mobile phone (whether Android system or Apple IOS system) to the TV screen through WIFI or AP mode. The function of answering calls, sending short messages and entertainment functions are not affected. You can also use the remote control or MINI USB mouse remote control, so that you can fully enjoy "unlimited control" while watching TV at home. H96 max x3 also has "rich connotation", the film and television content resource network is open to grab, the content is rich, the update is fastest, and it is basically synchronized with the current network or theater consultation.

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Network TV box working principle

1. Connect to the Internet and use Internet resources for free.

2. Connect the TV so that the living room TV becomes the entertainment center for the whole family.

3. Rich interface, so that the network TV box has more functions.
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