how to choose the right HDMI cable for android tv box

how to choose the right HDMI cable for android tv box

How to choose the right HDMI cable

We admit that when buying factory-made android tv box products, the HDMI high-definition cable that the manufacturer configures for you is not very good, it is best to buy it yourself.
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We have some customers who choose to customize HDMI when they buy android tv box. What if you are not an android tvbox wholesale customer but are not satisfied with HDMI? We have summarized here how to buy HDMI cables.

The HDMI cable is a hardware peripheral capable of transmitting uncompressed high-definition video and multi-channel audio data with high quality. It is usually used between computer and TV, projector. Choosing the right HDMI cable is very important for the quality of the video.

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The HDMI interface is generally divided into "male and female", so before buying, we need to determine the male and female of the two ports of the HDMI cable. (The one with the pin is male, and the one with a small hole is the female)
How to choose HDMI cable for android tv box

Choose the HDMI cable of the higher version as much as possible. The higher the bandwidth, the greater the ability to transmit large data, and the speed will be greatly improved. Therefore, in the long run, you should choose the high-end version.
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Check the quality of the HDMI cable carefully before buying, including appearance, material and workmanship. Good quality HDMI cables are made of pure copper, you can weigh yourself. The inferior ones are harder and not easy to bend, which will cause poor contact. No matter what aspect of high quality, it is full of materials.

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The HDMI cable needs to have anti-jamming capability. In general, the thicker the HDMI cable, the better the anti-interference ability. At the same time, degaussing rings are required at both ends of the HDMI cable interface, which will greatly improve the anti-interference performance of the HDMI cable. In addition, the connectors of high-quality HDMI cables are gold-plated.
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The interface of HDMI cable is divided into standard port, mini and micro.

Most of the mobile phones have a micro interface with a width of about 6 mm; most of the cameras have a Mini HDMI interface with a width of about 10.5 mm; the standard interface of a TV or computer is the HDMIA type with a width of about 14.4 mm.

The HDMI cable is generally due to the size limitation. The HDMI interface on the high-definition MP4 is basically a mini port. Therefore, for the high-definition MP4, the HDMI cable should be selected.
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In the purchase of HDMI cables, try to buy large-brand products. I will not give examples here and will be mistaken for advertising.

We need to consider the workmanship, material, appearance, etc. of the HDMI cable. We choose a high-quality HDMI cable to achieve a better signal transmission effect.

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