8K TV will achieve breakthrough in the market in 2020

8K TV will achieve breakthrough in the market in 2020

"What is the concept of 8K 5G? 5G is like an information superhighway, and 8K video is a carrier running on the information superhighway." At the media communication meeting of Sharp's "Encounter Wisdom Life • Jumping into a New Realm" held recently by Sharp, the general manager of Sharp District Sales Lu Zurong said so. (H96 max x3 android tv box uses Amlogic s905x3 8K decoding)

The concept of 8K 5G has been mentioned for many years. Now that 5G has been officially put into commercial use, what stage are 8K products now in? Lu Zurong said that in the exhibitions and conferences of the home appliance industry in 2019, major brands have placed 8K TVs on important In terms of location, it can be seen that the major brands have the same understanding of 8K. Although 8K has not yet erupted, the next Tokyo Olympics and Beijing Winter Olympics will inevitably accelerate the development of the 8K market. 8K will be in the market in 2020 A large amount of breakthroughs. (If you do n’t have an 8K TV screen, but need an 8K decoder, then the amlogic s905x3 android tv box is a good choice)

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"When it comes to 8K, it's just a TV, and TV is just a terminal that displays images. 8K TV doesn't mean everything. If you put aside the front-end technology and the back-end technology, TV and TV applications are just a part of the 8K concept. What is the concept of 8K 5G? 5G is like an information superhighway, and 8K video is the carrier of high-speed running on the information highway. With the participation of 8K upstream and downstream manufacturers, 8K technology will definitely develop at a high speed through the promotion of the current national development of the organic industrial chain. "

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Lu Zurong said that Sharp will carry out three major business reforms of "8K ecosystem business, ICT business, and smart life business" in 2020. In addition, there will be a variety of solutions for 8K 5G and SmartHome display center. Sharp's strategic layout in the 8K 5G full ecological chain. (Reseller please note: if you want to customize 8K android tv box, you can contact us)

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Why was the development of 8K slower some time ago? Lu Zurong explained that one is because there is no content, and the other is that there is no information highway. Even if there is content, it cannot be transmitted without the information highway, so 5G is the biggest boost to 8K force.

In 2019, Sharp and telecom and other operators completed the 8K 5G live broadcast test and created the 5G 8K video live broadcast of the "2019 World Police". In 2022, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are also expected to be broadcast in 8K, which will be a milestone contribution to the advancement of 8K business.

But what everyone can't think of is that in 2020, it will encounter a new type of coronary pneumonia, and the global economy will be cold, so will it affect the development of 8K and 5G? Let us continue to focus on this market together. Source of this article: H96 max x3-8K Android tv box

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