H96PRO+ update firmware brush detailed steps

H96PRO+ update firmware brush detailed steps


Before the H96Pro+, prepare a double male USB cable and a slender hard object such as a card or toothpick. In addition, it is more important that the home network environment must be able to access the Internet scientifically, otherwise it is impossible to enter the system after brushing the machine, remember! Remember! Remember!

1.Install the download software and firmware on your computer.


2.After decompressing the brush tool compression package, install the brush software USB_Burning_Tool to the desktop of the computer.



Note here that when the “Complete Device Driver Installation Wizard” is completed, the driver name prompt is the Crystal Morning Set-top box driver (WORLDCUP device), the display installation is successful, the next step, if it is not displayed, please re-install the brush machine Software, remember here! !

3.Open the installed brush software, the upper left corner can modify the language, see the arrow below the logo location


4. Click the File menu to import the downloaded firmware.



5.After the firmware is imported, please select to force erase all and erase the bootloader. Finally, click the start button in the upper right corner of the brush software and wait for the box to connect


6. Connect one end of the dual male USB data cable to the computer first, and the other end to the USB port on the left side of the H96Pro+. Please remember to insert the USB port near the logo. Only this USB port can be used for the wire brush operation. The other USB port is a low speed port and the flash machine is likely to fail.


7. After the normal connection, the blue light will be on next to the USB port. In addition, if the computer can't recognize the H96 Pro+, you can use the card pin to hold the rest hole, then insert the USB cable, then release the reset hole to recognize it normally, and then you can normally brush it.

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8. Hold the RESET 3-5 seconds, the brush machine software appears after the brush machine progress, let go, the box automatically brush machine

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9. The whole process of brushing is about 5 minutes, just wait patiently, the brushing software prompts 100% and turns green, and the brush is completed. After success, first click the stop button, then unplug the data line, the whole process of brushing is completed

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