How should a novice choose a TV set-top box?

How should a novice choose a TV set-top box?

TV set-top boxes have complete video resources and fast update speeds. Compared with cable TV, TV set-top boxes also have price advantages. Let me introduce how to choose TV set-top boxes.

How should a novice choose a TV set-top boxUSB3.0 android os set-top box

Try to choose TV set-top boxes with few ads and no ads

There are some TV set-top box advertisements on the market as much as cowhide. There are crazy advertisements for turning on, pausing, and playing videos. Everyone should pay attention when buying.

TV set-top box wifi receiving capability

Watch the wifi receiving ability of the TV set-top box:

The acceptance ability of the wifi module will affect the speed of watching videos. Especially, the live broadcast has high requirements on the network, so you need to choose a TV set-top box with strong wifi acceptance.

TV set-top box with optimized system

Choose a TV set-top box with optimized system:

At present, most of the TV set-top boxes are Android systems. Try to choose a TV set-top box with a higher version of Android system, and pay attention to the simplicity of the system interface.

TV set-top box with optimized systemRAM 4GB android tv box fast running smart tv

On the remote

The key design of the remote control is relatively simple, which is the same as the remote control of most TV boxes. There are few buttons and the icons are simple and easy to understand. Both the elderly and children are very easy to use. It is the side magic key that is more attentive. In fact, many remote controllers also have such shortcut keys, but the shortcut keys can only be realized by blind operation. The key position is to be praised. And, this remote control is a Bluetooth remote control, which is very convenient

AI voice remote control TV set-top box

AI voice android os set-top box:

Now all TV boxes support voice control. Voice control not only simplifies people's operation logic to achieve one-key direct access, but also lowers the threshold of operation, so that the elderly and children can use it without barriers. The built-in voice system of H96 tv box OS is very easy to use, the recognition rate is very high, and the function is also very powerful. Only a voice system, but also a multi-function assistant. In addition, you can also directly voice in the software, more convenient and convenient.

Fan-heated TV set-top box

Choose a TV set-top box with a good fan:

The heat dissipation of the TV set-top box is not good, it is easy to cause the consumption and damage of internal components and affect the service life.

Powerful TV set-top box

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