1GB and 2GB Android TV box still worth buying?

1GB and 2GB Android TV box still worth buying?

I bought my android tv box for one year or half a year, why is my android tv box RAM not enough? android tv box is getting slower and slower, is there any way to solve it?

Some users report why my 1GB + 8GB android tv box often freezes when used, or is it slow? If your android tv box RAM is 1GB, then I would love to tell you, please replace it. The 1GB Android tv box looks cheap and it was popular a few years ago, and using it a few years ago did not feel like it was slow. So why is a new RAM 1GB slow to use now, why? Could it be that the manufacturer has made a fake? Or is the quality of the RAM used not good? In fact, as long as your retail price is not less than $ 20, no brand supplier is willing to make a fake, at least H96 will not use a fake RAM. So what makes a new 1GB android tv box slow to use? Our software engineers told me that the current media software needs to be updated with new versions from time to time. These new versions will add some new functions or patch bugs. In this case, a multimedia software is getting bigger and bigger. The Android phone used is the same, only a few tens of MB from an original APP, and now some have more than 1GB. Youtube also has more than 200 MB, and it will be bigger in the future. Youtube should be one of the most optimized programs. Then for other apps you have installed, 1GB of RAM is definitely not enough. My suggestion is to increase the budget and buy 4GB. If you plan to update the android tv box every two years, buying 4GB + 32GB is enough. If 5G arrives, these are definitely not enough.

So why do we need to produce 1 + 8GB products? Because some of our customers have very simple uses, we do n’t pre-install any other apps, only install a local or their own app. This kind of work can ensure that 1GB has enough running space to let people experience the smoothness of 1GB.

H96 Mini H8 RAM 1gb ROM 8G android tv box

So is my Android tv box with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM enough? I think that with the upgrade of the Android OS, it is definitely not enough, because the Android OS will definitely take up more and more memory when running.

H96 max rk3318 RAM 2 gb rom 16gb ANDROID TV box

Why the android tv box I bought a year ago, the configuration is RAM 4gb, ROM 64GB, after using it for half a year, it feels very slow, why?

Now that you have used the Android TV box with 4GB of RAM, it is already a relatively high configuration. Although there are 6GB on the market, it is a minority. Why is it still slow? First of all, you have to clear the habit of cache in time, because android OS has a fatal program defect, the record opened by android OS will always run in the background, and if you do n’t clean it, it will also cause it to run smoothly. So remember to clean the cache regularly. If you play games or social videos, please close other apps, this will be relatively good.

H96MAX X3 RAM 4GB android tv box

The information provided above is for reference only. We recommend that you do not buy the android tv box with advertisements, choose a regular APP installation channel, make reasonable use of RAM and ROM, and wish you a happy use.

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