10 tips for using android smart tv box

10 tips for using android smart tv box

The tv box market has always been a competing place for major digital product sellers. In this fiercely competitive industry, every update will make tv box glow with new technological brilliance. As a must-have product for family entertainment facilities, more people just understand its function, but do not know the hidden secret in its small body. Below, we will help you uncover the mysterious veil of tv box.

1.The origin of tv box

The tv box can play content from Internet to a TV. It was previously called the Network HD player in the Internet field, and was later defined as the Internet tv box. Together with smart TVs that can access the Internet, they are collectively referred to as "Internet TVs" or smart tv boxes.

2. Smart tv box is not in conflict with traditional old TV

Many consumers and users think that smart tv box can only be connected to a smart TV and put into use, but it is not.Many smart tv boxes can be connected to traditional TVs and used normally. For example,Xiaomi tv box that is currently popular, and Apple tv, NVIDIA TV, H96 max tv box, etc. above which can be connected to the old TV. However, the premise is that the TV needs to support the HDMI interface. With this interface, the smart tv box and the old TV can be seamlessly connected, which almost does not affect the viewing experience. Even if the old TV does not have an HDMI interface, it can be used normally by purchasing an HDMI to AV interface HD converter.

tv box RAM affects the system running speed

3. TV box RAM affects the system running speed

The RAM of the smart tv box plays a vital role in its system running speed. If too much software and applications are downloaded or the tv box itself is used for too long,the smart tv box will accumulate RAM garbage , slow down the system,and even come out other problems like stuck, black screen. At this point, almost all tv boxes on sale have such defects, so everyone should consider other factors when choosing the largest RAM when buying a tv box. Moreover, it is necessary to protect the tv box as much as possible to minimize the impact of RAM garbage on the system running speed. Once again remind everyone that the use of tv box with too low RAM really makes you a headache.

Running speed of android tv box system

4. TV box shape design is not just for beauty

Because the connection between the tv box and the TV, the connection of the tv box to the TV and the power supply all needs to be inserted into the plug of the socket,and in general,the utilization of the socket near the TV will be very tight. Therefore, in order to save the utilization rate of the socket and space, the appearance design of the tv box is particularly important. Some tv box designs are suitable for wall-mounted TVs, and some are even good for desktop TVs. As shown in the figure below, the appearance of H 96 max rk3318 tv box voice belongs to the classic design, which is in line with the usage habits, just to avoid the side plug and improve the socket utilization.

where to buy android box for sale

5. What does 4K Ultra HD video mean

At present, there are many tv boxes on the market that promote 4K ultra-high-definition video, so how high-definition is this 4KHD?4K Ultra HD means video pixels with a resolution of 3840*2160, and the resolution is 4 times that of the original general 1080p video. With such a leap, the film can show more vivid and clear details, and it makes the horizon clearer. There are three conditions to watch 4K video TV: a: the video source is 4K, b: the TV is a 4K screen, and c: the tv box (H96 tv box) with 4K decoding.

What is Android Smart TV Box SD FULL HD 4K UHD and 8K

6. What does H.265 mean

Most of the best-selling tv boxes now have the H.265 logo, so what does this number represent? Infact, H.265 refers to H.265 hard decoding, which can improve the utilization rate of broadband by 50% and greatly reduce the dependence on HD speed for playing high-definition video. As we all know, the speed of the network  affects the experience, so network speed utilization is particularly important for these network-dependent products. It is also worth mentioning that H.265 hardware decoding is also one of the signs of 4K high-definition tv box. Only this mark can prove that the smart tv box purchased has 4K high-definition video function.

What is Android Smart TV Box 4K

7. Smart tv box can watch live broadcast

Many users are questioning whether the current TV box can still watch the live broadcast, and the answer is yes. However,you need to use the tv box to download third-party software specifically for watching live broadcasts, such as KODI (KDMC), Youtube, and Netflix. The specific choice can be based on personalpreferences. However, as far as we know, H96 tv box can perfectly support all the above live broadcast software,and is compatible with 99% of android apk.

8. Various functions of tv box

With the continuous development of tv box, smart tv box has more than just the function of watching movies.The tv box with all the functions of playing games,querying the weather, calculator, etc. can meet the needs of consumers and users, but if you want to play games, yous hould remind users to choose the tv box brand carefully. Because running games requires extremely high tv box system and RAM, such as 1GB RAM, if it is a 2D simple traditional classic game, it runs very smoothly, but if it is a 3D large game, not all smart tv boxes can run smoothly, here Recommend RAM 4GB, recommend Android OS without ads. No advertisements are placed on all models of the H96 brand. The best configuration in 2020 is the H96 max x3 4+128GB released in conjunction with amlogic S905X3, which supports 8K decoding.

9. what is the role of tv box equipped with Bluetooth function

Nowadays, many smart tv boxes are equipped with Bluetooth function, so what is the use of Bluetooth function? For example, the Glory tv box voice, whose powerful function of supporting Bluetooth 4.0 makes it possible to connect to the tv box via Bluetooth, whether it is audio, headphones or handle. It not only saves troublesome wiring, saves space, but also facilitates users to more conveniently control functions such as tv box viewing and games.

10. Why smart voice has become a must-have feature for tv boxes

With the continuous development of artificial smart technology, smart voice interactive function has become the development trend of tv box. The purpose of the technology itself is to make people’s lives more convenient,fast and comfortable. The voice commands are used to replace the key search of the up,down, left and right buttons. The tv box equipped with smart voice interaction technology is more convenient to operate than the traditional tv box,which is inevitable direction of smart home strategy development. There are undoubtedly some hot tv boxes on the market that have this function, but it is important to note that the smart voice interaction function technology still tests the manufacturer's technical capabilities, so even if it is the hottest tv box smart Voice interaction technology is also uneven, and there are very few that can really be called smart. Judging from the feedback from the current media and users, the H96 max x2 tv box currently on sale is particularly prominent in the smart voice interaction function. The functions of full voice search, playback control, system control and other functions have been gradually accepted by users. The higher recognition rate, fuzzy search and recognition speed are all at a higher level of performance, and the practical use of smart voice functions is truly realized. If you have a better voice engineer, or want to experience the most convenient operation of smart voice tv box can contact H96 brand, we look forward to working with senior engineers to jointly develop high-quality products.

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