Android tv box from the top 10 made in China

Android tv box from the top 10 made in China

As you know most of the android tv boxes sold on Amazon are made in China. Here I will share the ranking data of the brand and model sales of android tv box manufacturers in Chinese factories in 2020.

Ranked No. 1 in China android tv box factory sales-H96 max RK3318,

H96 MAX RK3318 tv box suppliers from China

This product was launched in 2019. The low-cost Rockchip chip enables more ordinary families to enjoy smart TV entertainment.

On the Internet I saw many people commenting on H96 max rk3318, I believe that H96 took two steps backward when they released this model disappoint both users and reviewers alike. In the current TV box climate, we are seeing boxes achieving great things and having next -level performance the likes of which we have never seen before. It was only fitting that H96 should have joined the bandwagon and released one of their own. Instead, they choose to embrace the low performing Rockchip RK3318 CPU, resulting in a poor performing TV box. This kind of evaluation is normal, because the positioning of this product is to allow most ordinary families to enjoy android TV services, rather than high-end products used by a few people.

H96 max RK3318 Specs:

CPU: RK3318 Quad-core


RAM 64GB Internal Storage

Dual Band Wifi a/b/g/n


Bluetooth v4.0

Full Android v.9.0 Pie

Supports 1080p

HDMI v2.0a

5.1 Surround Sound

For the video link of the performance test, please click here:

Ranked 2nd in China android tv box factory sales – T95 Allwinner H616,

T95 H616 tv box suppliers from China

This is T95 Allwinner H616 Android 10 TV box, Allwinner is yet to deliver a high-performance TV box. It appears that they are stuck at the 1.4GHz CPU clock speed unable to solve their overheating issues. This tv box comes with newest andorid 10.0 , ART Optimization and Neural Network 1.2 in this streaming box can help your applications start much faster and consume less memory simultaneously. More smoothly than previous 9.0 and 8.1 OS----without you having to do anything. More security, privacy protection, totally new UI designed, much more APPs you can installed that 9.0 OS CAN'T do, and other muti-functions for tv streaming and more and more! For more,

You can refer to the test video.

Rank 3 in China android tv box factory sales – X96 mini

X96 mini tv box suppliers from China

This product began to be sold in 2017, and many people still buy it until today. It can still be seen on the Chinese sales ranking, which is enough to prove that many people still like it very much, including its design and its performance. Of course, with the advancement of technology, this product has been gradually eliminated by the market, and there is still a lot of information and data on the Internet. X96 mini is characterized by small size and light weight, using amlogic s905w chip,

if you want to know more about X96 mini test video:

Ranked 4th in China android tv box factory sales – TX3 mini

Tx3 Mini Android TV Box Amlogic S905W Smart Media Player

The appearance of this style is very attractive, it looks more high-end, in fact, its price is also very cheap, using amlogic s905w chip.

Tanix TX3 mini specifications:

SoC – Amlogic S905W quad core ARM Cortex-A53 @ up to 1.5 GHz with penta-core Mali-450MP GPU @ 750 MHz

System Memory – 1GB/2GB DDR3

Storage – 16GB eMMC flash + micro SD card slot

Video Output – HDMI 2.0 output, AV port (composite)

Audio – HDMI, optical S/PDIF, AV port (stereo audio)

Video Codecs – [email protected] H.265, MPEG1/2/4, H.264, HD AVC/VC-1, RM/RMVB, Xvid/DivX3/4/5/6, RealVideo8/9/10

Connectivity – 10/100M Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi

USB – 2x USB 2.0 host ports

Misc – IR receiver, front panel LCD display

Power Supply – 5V/2A

Dimensions – 105 x 105 x 15mm

Weight – 150g

Test video about Tx3 mini:

Ranked 5th in China android tv box factory sales – H96 max x3

H96 max x3 tv box suppliers from China

This is the latest model released in 2020, using amlogic s905x3 chips. I checked Alibaba sales data. I thought it would be A95X F3 ranked high, but I did not expect A95X F3 android tv box ranking behind H96 max x3. Of course, if you are on Amazon or other platforms, the results are different. This data mainly comes from wholesale websites in China. Only has reference value. H96 max x3 has a round appearance, black ABS material, the logo is colorful, and there is a dolphin logo, which is very attractive to many customers.

For more, please check the test video:

Ranked 6th in China android tv box factory sales – MXQ pro

MXQ pro tv box suppliers from China

As an android tv box wholesaler or seller, we must know that MXQ sales are very large in 2016 or earlier, but the quality has not kept up in recent years, and the configuration has always been a low-end market, the price is less than 20 US dollars, lost A better quality customer group. But in 2020 we found that MXQ still has a lot of shipments in China. Let's take a look at its configuration

System Configuration

CPU: Rockchip rk3229 quad-core

GPU: Mali-450 5-core GPU

Flash: 8GB or 16GB NAND flash


Power: DC 5V / 2A

Power indicator (LED) power on: blue

For test evaluation please check Youtube:

Ranked 7th in China android tv box factory sales – A95X F3

A95x f3 tv box suppliers from China

Although the A95X F3 is not remembered by the people, it adopted the amlogic s905x3 at the earliest and it was the best release. So it currently occupies part of the market in the amlogic s905x3 field, so we look at this model on the hot sales list. Of course, amlogic's CPU has always been welcomed and accepted by users. Here we introduced H96 max x3 before, it also uses amlogic s905x3. An X96 air is also used s905x3.

Basic Specs SoC: Amlogic S905X3 Quad Core 4x ARM-A55 @ 1.9GHz (64bit) / GPU Mali-G31 MP2 / 12nm

System: Android 9 Pie (32bit)

Ram, storage and network:

– 4GB RAM DDR3 + 32/64/128GB eMCP / Wifi ac Dual + BT 4.2 (MT7668RSN) / Ethernet 10/100 (Review)

– 2GB RAM DDR3 + 16GB eMCP / Wifi ac Dual + BT 4.2 / Ethernet 10/100

Ports: HDMI 2.1 [email protected] / Jack AV / SPDIF / 1x USB 2.0 / 1x USB 3.0 / MicroSD / Reset

Extras: IR remote / HDMI cable / Manual / DC 5V 2A adapter

Materials and measures: Plastic / Frontal LED panel / 77 x 77 x 15 mm / 125 gr.

About A95X F3 test video:

Ranked 8th in China android tv box factory sales – X96 air

X96 air tv box suppliers from China

The model of X96 is very different. We introduced X96 mini before. As a seller, you may also know that X96 H, X96 Q, X96 M, these models are not very popular, but currently there is a model of X96 that is exclusive in the market, that is to adopt Allwinner H313. Now we introduce the X96 air, just like the A95X F3 above, it uses amlogic s905x3. If the total number of shipments, I think X96 air will be greater than A95X F3.

Basic Specs SoC: Amlogic S905X3 Quad Core 4x ARM-A55 @ 1.9GHz (64bit) / GPU Mali-G31 MP2 / 12nm

System: Android 9 Pie (32bit)

Ram, storage and network:

– 4GB RAM DDR3 + 32/64GB eMMC / Wifi ac Dual Band + Bluetooth 4.1 (X9655) / Ethernet 10/100

– 4GB RAM DDR3 + 32/64GB eMMC / Wifi ac Dual Band + Bluetooth 4.1 (X9655) / Ethernet Gigabit

– 2GB RAM DDR3 + 16GB eMMC / Wifi b/g/n / NO Bluetooth / Ethernet 10/100

Ports: HDMI 2.1 [email protected] / Jack AV / SPDIF / 2x USB 2.0 / 1x USB 3.0 / MicroSD / Reset

Extras: IR remote / HDMI cable / Manual / DC 5V 2A adapter

Materials and measures: Plastic / LED panel / 77 x 77 x 17 mm / 125 gr.

About X96 air test evaluation:

Ranked 9th in China android tv box factory sales – Q plus

Q plus tv box suppliers from China

The appearance of Q plus is curved, black, and a Q letter logo, which is highly recognizable. The chip used is Allwinner H6.

Q plus Features:

CPU H6 Quadcore cortex-A53 frequency: 2G

GPU Mali-T720MP2

R A M: 4GB

R O M: 32GB

OS: Android 9.0

Ethernet: 100M LAN

WIFI: 2.4G

Video Decode: VP9-10 Profile-2 up to [email protected], H.265 HEVC [email protected] up to [email protected]

About Q plus test evaluation screen:

Ranked 10th in Android tv box factory sales in China – Beelink GT-KingPRO

Beelink GT King Pro tv box suppliers from China

Beelink GT-KingPRO is a product released by Beelink. The products of this company are all high-end markets and the price is very expensive, but the sales volume still ranks tenth, indicating that the user group is still very large and many users can afford it. Beelink GT-KingPRO S922H price is about 110 US dollars, let us look at its configuration.

Cinema & Concert Level Sound Effects

Beelink GT-King Pro adopts the latest Amlogic S922X-H chip (Quad-core Cortex-A73 @ 2.21 GHz + Dual-core Cortex-A53 @ 1.8 GHz), which is the strongest chip in TV box at present. This TV box features high-end Hi-Fi lossless sound quality and Dolby sound effects to give you an immersive hearing and viewing experience, which is one of the most cost-effective products.

DTS Listen + Dolby Audio

Beelink GT-King Pro features DTS listen + Dolby audio decoding, that offers Hi-Fi losses sound quality to you for an immersive experience.

DST Listen and Dolby Audio Decoding:


1. Dolby digital (Decode & Analog Output)

2. Dolby digital plus(RAW Data & Passthrough Output)

3. Dolby True-HD (RAW Data & Passthrough Output)

4. DTS (Decode & Analog Output)

5. DTS-HD MA (RAW Data & Passthrough Output)


1. Dolby vision

2. Dolby Atmos

Amlogic S922X-H Hexa-core CPU + Hexa-core ARM G52 MP6 GPU

With the high-performance CPU + GPU, making the GT-King Pro TV box runs fast and smoothly with excellent heat-dissipation, never worry about buffering and overheat while you are watching movies or playing games.


4GB RAM + 64GB ROM storage memory allows you to display HD video smoothly and download massive resources from the Internet, it is large enough to store large numbers of movie and Applications and browse the web etc.

2.4GHz + 5.8GHz

Dual-band dual WiFi connectivity for efficient, stable data and video output on your device 24/7. 2.4G plus 5.8G dual-WiFi and 1000Mbps LAN run internet, streaming and audio perfectly without jerking, which allows you to play 4K @ 60fps , 3D and H.256 videos smoothly.

Android 9.0 OS

Adapted Android 9.0 operation system for strong compatibility, it is compatible with more software, games, and applications to improve user experience.

2.4G Voice Remote Control

Just speak to the 2.4G voice remote control, and it will operate the TV box based on your demand, such as the best action movies, today's weather or the latest news.

Support 4K 60fps Resolution

Support multi-video decoder up to 4Kx2K @ 60fps + 1x1080P @ 60fps, which provides much more detailed and better-looking image.

About Beelink GT-KingPRO:

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