MiraScreen Mobile Screencaster Vs Smart tv box

MiraScreen Mobile Screencaster Vs Smart tv box

Is MiraScreen Mobile Screencaster worth buying? These angles tell you the role of Share screen

Now people have a great demand for Share screen.Whether it is watching TV at home or working in the company, you need a mobile phone or computer Share screen.Now many mobile phone brands also have this feature, Apple's screen mirroring, Huawei's multi-screen interaction, All are very easy to use Share screen function, but although the mobile phone supports this function, but many TVs may not have a smart system, so it is still very troublesome to use, so this time an electronic product appeared on the market, that is MiraScreen Mobile Screencaster.

The function of this MiraScreen Mobile Screencaster is to send the Share screen software to a small device and then connect it to the TV, which solves the problem that traditional TVs cannot install software.Although it is feasible in principle, it is still very useful to use. Many problems, such as Caton and other problems are still very frequent, and I found that many people buy this Share screen to watch TV at home, which is completely a very wrong choice.If it is to watch TV, the editor thinks You can buy a H96 max x3 smart tv box directly, the following is the reason.

First of all, the entry threshold for Share screen is very low. Now if you go to the e-commerce website, the cheap Share screen only costs tens or hundreds of yuan, but the more expensive ones cost thousands of yuan, and the price gap is very large, and The functions of these lower-priced Share screens are also changing. Originally it was just a Share screen function. Now in order to meet the needs of some people, even a TV system has been added, so that the original very small memory is squeezed out of more space. Therefore, for those who want to watch movies, it is more cost-effective to buy an easy-to-use H96 max x3 smart tv box.

MiraScreen Mobile Screencaster has a low cost performance and is not worth buying MiraScreen Mobile Screencaster

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As an intermediary that can realize the sharing screen of the mobile phone and the TV, it can only realize the function of the wireless share screen in function.The mobile phone co-screen device does not have an independent system, which has high latency and poor user experience.It is because of this year's special During this period, online classes at home became the most popular. As long as this time passed, the same screen device on the mobile phone could only become an idle item at home.

For the H96 max x3 smart tv box that also has the Share screen function, such as the recently sold H96 max x3 smart tv box, compared to the same screen device of the mobile phone, the Share screen has almost zero latency and also has an independent Android system. You can install third-party software to watch movies and TV on demand, live TV and other functions, so that some of the color TVs in the home and old smart TVs with lower configuration are completely new.

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Summary: It is better to buy a smart tv box. The function of the smart tv box is more complete than the share screen function. If you use Share screen, then your mobile phone should also be occupied, and the dependence on the mobile phone is relatively strong. However, the H96 max x3 smart tv box is different. It comes with its own video resources. You can also obtain resources by downloading third-party software. There is no dependence on the mobile phone. You don’t need to watch the projection and play the mobile phone. And the phone can also be connected to the H96 max x3 smart tv box.

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