Does H96 android tv box support IPTV?

Does H96 android tv box support IPTV?

Does H96 android tv box support IPTV?

Can I install and run the iptv software on the Android TV box, watch live TV, and the fluency is the same as the iptv box?

Answer: Yes.

The Android system set-top box has a strong set of personalized set-top boxes with strong playability, rich software resources and rich software applications for installing software. For example, you can freely customize the system, desktop, and wireless wired Internet access and video, and users can freely install and uninstall software. Among them, installing game software is a highlight. The Android set-top box is not only a high-definition player, but also has a human-computer interaction mode. The set-top box simply says that the Android set-top box is a set-top box connected to the Internet.

IPTV set-top boxes generally use the account and password provided by the operator to log in to the service platform of the operator, and use the live broadcast and on-demand services provided by the operator. Generally it is a private network, so there will be no lag.

The difference between the IPTV set-top box and the Android set-top box is that the IPTV set-top box is authorized by the country or a company to broadcast live program sources. If it is installed on the Android TV box, there will be stuck, picture delay and other phenomena.

Is IPTV installed when the android tv box is shipped?

Answer: IPTV will not be installed when the android tv box leaves the factory. Because the android tv box factory is generally not authorized by IPTV, if the customer has an authorization certificate and provides an authorization contract, then we can produce according to the customer's requirements.

Is H96 android tv box converted to IPTV?

Answer: No, our system is android OS

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